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Invicta Flow Permeable Driveway Block Paving

Designed with sustainability in mind, Invicta Flow granite paving delivers a sparkling, eco-friendly paving solution for your driveway.

Invicta Flow provides the same high-end aesthetic and performance as our Invicta range consisting of the AggTech® surface layer, whilst also integrating a unique nib design for an innovative permeable paving solution with sustainable drainage.

You won’t have to sacrifice aesthetic beauty for practicality either, as Invicta Flow permeable paving provides a captivating finish, with its distinguishing sparkle, premium texturing, and alluring colour options.

Our innovative, platinum granite paver Invicta Flow has a unique nib design and features a pioneering AggTech® surface layer formed of premium granite aggregates, which infuses a unique sparkle and texture that distinguishes it from other concrete block paving products. Invicta Flow is a permeable block paving consisting of four complementary colours, Moonstone, Onyx, Pearl & Citrine, which can be combined for mix and match paving designs, creating a unique appearance for your driveway. Available in a 215 x 215 x 80mm plan size, the Invicta Flow AggTech® surface layer provides excellent durability and has unrivalled slip resistance, watch the video below to find out more.

What is permeable paving?

Using a permeable paver for your driveway has many benefits; it acts as natural drainage preventing flooding and reducing puddles on the surface after a wet day. It also offers natural filtration of returning rainwater in the ground. Natural filtration removes pollutants and impurities from the water, which can stop water pollution, making Invicta Flow an eco-friendly, sustainable solution for your home.


Colour swatches

Product specification

Name Product Number Application Size Quantity per Pack
Invicta Flow
Concrete Paving, Driveways
200 × 100 × 80 mm


Invicta Flow Laying Pattern Download

Invicta Flow Laying Pattern


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