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Beta Driveway Block Paving

From the moment it’s installed, the satisfyingly smooth surface and chic modern lines of our ever-popular Beta block paving option will leave you impressed.

Beta’s versatile stylings will complement the architecture of various property types, while the durability and minimal spacing between blocks will help to reduce soil build-up and maintenance. Opt for the precision of 80mm single size packs or the flexibility of 60mm TRIO packs (consisting of small, medium & large blocks per pack), allowing Beta to cater to a broad spectrum of design specifications.

Choose from Beta’s palette of six staple colors, each exuding its own distinct character. From the warm tones of Autumn Gold, Brindle, and Burnt Oak to the contemporary allure of Charcoal and Silver Haze, the selection is designed to suit various home settings. Notably, the Rustic Bronze shade is reserved for made-to-order TRIO packs, adding a bespoke touch to your project.


Colour swatches

Product specification

Name Product Number Application Size Quantity per Pack
Beta TRIO Cliffe
Driveways, Garden Paving
Mixed Sizes
Beta TRIO Barrow
Driveways, Garden Paving
Mixed Sizes
Circle 60
Driveways, Garden Paving
Mixed Sizes
Large 60
Driveways, Garden Paving
210 × 140 × 60 mm
Beta TRIO Poole
Driveways, Garden Paving
Mixed Sizes
Medium 60
Driveways, Garden Paving
140 × 140 × 60 mm
Small 60
Driveways, Garden Paving
105 × 140 × 60 mm


Beta Laying Pattern Download

Beta Laying Pattern


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