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Welcome to Brett Landscaping.

At Brett, we are modern in our thinking. We’re a service-led company anticipating your needs, being proactive and having integrity in everything we do.

Our products are manufactured from high-quality concrete, porcelain or ethically sourced natural stone and are designed to enhance any outside space with beautiful products, including block paving, paving slabs and kerb systems. Brett makes it all simple. We believe in delivering what we say – every time; to promote your outside experiences and infinite possibilities.

Brett. Built on relationships.

Brett Group

Brett are a successful, long-established construction and building materials group - one of the largest independents in the UK - with expertise developed over 100 years.

Today we supply a wide range of construction, hard landscaping and building materials across the UK with a comprehensive customer support package that differentiates us from our competitors.

Why not visit the Brett Group website to find out more about our approach to business, health and safety and sustainability as a whole?

Brett Aggregates supply a wide range of traditional and recycled products from our 32 quarries and wharves in London, South East and East of England. For more information on Brett Aggregates please visit

Granite Products are based in Jersey and supply aggregate, ready-mixed concrete and concrete blocks to the local market. For more information on Brett Granite Products please visit

Brett Concrete operates 17 quality controlled batching plants across the South East of England and is now the largest independent operator of its kind in the UK. For more information on Brett Concrete please visit

Capital Concrete, Our dedicated team has over 100 years combined experience in the concrete industry and has worked on London’s most prestigious and complex projects. To speak to one of our team please call 020 3974 0520, or to find out more please visit

Built on relationships

‘What can we do for you’, sounds much better than ‘what we do’. So, when you talk to Brett about inspiring outside spaces, we’ll ensure everything is made that little bit easier, a little bit more exciting – and with a straightforward attitude.

We are a trusted and established independent business. We understand our customers, their aspirations and how we can enable possibilities to become reality. And we connect through innovation, collaboration, knowledge and support, to create an outside space to inspire and relationships to be proud of.

Brett. Built on relationships


For over 100 years, Brett has embraced its corporate and social responsibilities to customers, the community and to the environment. Brett is a business proud of itsindependent status, strong values, and a real, tangible passion for a sustainable future.

With that philosophy firmly in place, we continue to work to reduce our impact on the environment, minimising our energy usage and maximising the recyclability of our materials; developing product solutions and services to enhance the built environment and the lives of the people who use it.

Working with Brett Landscaping enables the creation of sustainable developments. Particularly those projects that have been commissioned under the Code for Sustainable Homes or the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Policy

View our British Precast Sustainability Charter Certificate

View our Environmental Product Declaration

View our Packaging Compliance Certificate

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report


Ethical Trading Policy

At Brett, we’re known for our high-quality products and impeccable customer service, but more importantly, we’re recognised for our credibility, integrity and trustworthiness.

We’re committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, and as such, we actively monitor our supply chain with a view to ensuring that our suppliers are working to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the World.

Brett collaborates to help improve working conditions and best manage our environmental impacts, ensuring our sites meet the RSP Guidelines. These Guidelines require sites to ensure that:

  • Child labour is not used
  • There is no forced and bonded labour
  • Ethical recruitment practices are used
  • The health and safety of workers is protected
  • Employment contracts are provided to all workers
  • Wages meet minimum requirements or national norms as a minimum
  • Working hours meet legal requirements and are not excessive
  • The company respects diversity within its workforce
  • Harassment and abuse are not tolerated
  • There is clear and readily accessible access to remedy
  • Accommodation is safe and hygienic
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected

View the Brett Group Ethical Policy.

Visit the Brett Group Ethical Compliance area here


Responsible Sourcing

The Brett Group has a long and proud history of environmental and social responsibility

initiatives in the UK and within our global supply chains – this is reflected in our ‘built on relationships’ strapline.

Key examples of this commitment was being one of the first in the landscaping industry to obtain independent certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard.

Our work has also gained numerous business awards over the years for example for the restoration of our UK quarries, some of which have attained ‘site of special scientific interest’ status thereby preserving amenity for generations to come.

Brett Landscaping also hold BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products certification to ‘Excellent’ which can further assist when designing under BREEAM. Please click on the link below to view our latest certification:


View our BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing Certificate and Schedule

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2015

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2016

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2017

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2018

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2019

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2020

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Brett Landscaping aims to do everything possible to build strong, long-lasting relationships with local communities in the areas where we operate. And we maintain our sites to ensure people, communities and businesses are protected from any hazards or dangers.

Click here to read our Community Liaison, Consultation and Complaints Policy

Click here to view our ISO - 9001 Certificate & Schedule

Click here to view our ISO - 14001 Certificate & Schedule

Click here to view our ISO - 45001 Certificate & Schedule

We are also keen to get involved with community and employee sponsorship and charitable donations, including donating construction materials, time and expertise via our Community Engagement.

CE Marking & Declaration of Performance

All Brett Landscaping products, along with products from across the Brett Group, have been extensively tested and proven to conform to the relevant European Standard(s). This is your assurance that they are safe to use and fit for purpose.

To obtain a copy of the CE Certificate and / or Declaration of Performance (DoP) relating to any Brett products, please click here and follow the link.

Should you have any additional questions regarding these certificates, or the technical specification for any of our products, please contact the Brett Landscaping Technical Services Department by e-mailing us on by calling 0345 60 80 579.

Please note – CE certification is not required for any materials where there is no harmonized European product standard available.

Community Engagement

We are passionate about the design and creation of enjoyable and accessible environments within the local community, as well as at home. Such spaces, especially those which promote greenery, trees and wildlife, bring people together, helping to build and protect our most valuable national resource; outside space.

Brett Landscaping helps support individuals and communities who have a desire to renovate public outdoor spaces. We’ve been involved in many admirable schemes in the past and look forward to supporting future developments, to give something back and make a difference to the environment for future generations to enjoy.

Follow Brett Landscaping to find out more about our activities and projects, how you can get involved in project within your area, and what you can do at home to improve your living experience. If you’re planning a project of your own, simply contact us, we have the expertise to help you achieve the very best results.

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