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Have we started digging out the suncream, shorts, and sunglasses? Have you managed to get yourself into the garden yet?

Whether you love rustic living, contemporary paving, or something in between, here are our tips for landscaping trends in 2024:

Sustainable and Naturally Sympathetic Landscaping

Creating a garden using environmentally friendly options seems to be at the forefront of many people’s landscaping wish lists. This includes creating a garden area that is not only sympathetic to the nature of your garden space – but actively promotes it!

The desire to stimulate biodiversity and wildlife is a trend on an upward trajectory. This means that homeowners are abandoning unsustainable options like artifical grass and actively working on creating a garden space that works to re-establish nature in their outdoor spaces.

The natural tones of our Bronte Garden Paving and rustic options like our Canterbury Garden Paving blend subtly with the aesthetics of your garden space. At the same time, the light and contemporary Chaucer Garden Paving creates a stand-out space for you to enjoy whatever the weather.

Using hard landscaping while increasing planting space allows you to reintroduce wildlife and even create planting areas for herbs and vegetables.

Outdoor Living Areas – Luxury Spaces to Live In

Outdoor living and the idea of bringing the indoors outside have grown in popularity over the last few years, particularly since the pandemic.

Creating a space where the family can get together and relax after a stressful week – one that adds luxury to your home – might include the addition of clean architectural lines of hard landscaping and softer, natural planters to create a striking emphasis on “quality over quantity”. Using our Eclipse Porcelain Paving range in your garden rooms and conservatories and flowing it right through your garden space creates a sympathetic addition to your garden and boasts premium, durable materials that are guaranteed to last however you might be using your garden space.

Outdoor and alfresco dining is also a massively popular trend that will continue to grow in popularity. Consider Porcelain Walling (Coastal or Tempest) to clad your space, while the use of Eclipse Grande Carrara Marble as your outdoor worktop would create a warm, luxurious addition to your garden.

Making the Most of Small Gardens

Big doesn’t always mean beautiful, and there are several ways you can elevate your small garden design.

Updating boarders with new or contrasting paving colours is a great budget garden idea and an alternative to a complete patio renovation. Updating flowers in your garden is an easy and nature friendly way to add decorative elements to any landscaping, saving money while creating a beautiful and stylish look for your outdoor space.

Optimising light and using plants to break up the space makes it feel larger and creates a homely and welcoming space, whatever its size. If your garden space is small, a large format paving, like our Eden Limestone, might just be ideal for the space. The range is light and with fewer joints in the paving, will create an illusion of more space in your garden.

Not only do the little modifications keep costs down (since you’re not paying for a whole renovation!), but you are also preserving the building’s natural character and environment.

Colours! Colours! Colours!

Grey paving remains a popular choice for homeowners. It is a staple.

Some trends predict that striking, bold, warmer colours will be the craze this year, while others indicate a more dramatic colour palette will be more popular.

We’re here to say that all these options have a place in landscaping trends since the use of colour complements your entire home. The slick appearance of porcelain and the warmer, natural look ofnatural stone can provide a unique new look for your garden in 2024.

Our Eclipse Grande Porcelain Paving range is available in the UK’s most popular plan size of 900x600mm and multiple striking colours to suit any home, including our eye-catching Anthracite Black.

Inspired? Find an Installer

It can be hard to envision the process of starting a garden renovation, especially when the weather has been so changeable over the first few months of 2024! Fortunately, Brett Landscaping has several Inspirations available on our website. If you need a creativity boost, you can find what you need by clicking here.

When you are ready to go, we have a network of trusted Brett Approved Installers who can help make all your garden dreams a reality. To find your local Approved Installer, you can click here.

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