Capture it, transform it

A range of attractive aggregates that provide easy options for driveways, patios, paths or border decoration. Our Team are experts at sourcing specialised aggregates and bulk loose decorative materials.

Available in many vibrant, contemporary colours or classic co-ordinated tones, including gravels, pebbles, slate, granite, cobblestones, and marble.

  • Will enhance any landscaping or interior design project - including driveways, walkways, public spaces, corporate interiors, and parks.
  • Proven long-life, easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Offers the architect or landscape designer a wide variety of colours, textures and shapes to create countless decorative and functional possibilities, whatever the scale, both for interior and exterior settings.
  • Can be used to harmonise or contrast textures, shapes and colours, enhance character, add eye-catching detail or finished decorative effects, providing stunning visual impact and originality.

Key considerations when selecting your aggregate.

  • Where are your aggregates going to be used - driveway, garden, external settings or for internal displays?
  • Is the area to be trafficked or not?
  • What style of landscaping is required - subtle or striking?
  • What grade of aggregate is the most suitable for your application?
  • What size of area is to be covered?
  • Is a weed suppressant membrane required beneath the aggregates if externally used?

We are here to help.

All Brett Specialised Aggregate products are complemented by an advanced package of technical and customer support services to ensure the best results, every time.

Our specialist team can advise you on the most suitable aggregates for your scheme, source specific products and can help support your programme designs.  Call us today on 0345 608 0572

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