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Are you looking to create an outdoor space that’s perfect for not only for you but also for your beloved furry friends?

At Brett Landscaping, we understand the importance of creating gardens that cater to the needs of both humans and pets. In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can create a beautiful and safe garden for your pets, focusing on the perfect blend of planting and hard landscaping elements to prepare for the summer months ahead.

Eden Limestone Porcelain Paving & Aura Block Paving

What are pet-friendly plants?

When it comes to selecting plants for your garden, it’s essential to choose varieties that are not only beautiful but also safe for your pets. Certain plants can be toxic to animals if ingested, so it’s crucial to do your research before adding them to your outdoor space. Opt for pet-friendly options such as lavender, rosemary, and sunflowers, which not only add visual appeal but are also non-toxic.

Additionally, consider incorporating edible plants into your garden that both you and your pets can enjoy. Herbs like parsley, mint, and basil are not only safe for animals but can also serve as a tasty treat for them to nibble on, and you to cook with!

When do I plant my garden?

As summer approaches, now is the perfect time to start planning and planting your garden for the warmer months ahead. Determine which areas will be designated for your pets to roam freely. Consider creating designated play areas, paths and patios using pet-friendly paving products from Brett Landscaping, such as porcelain paving or natural stone, ensuring a durable and safe surface for your furry friends to explore. It’s worth noting that dark colours give off more heat, so consider light paving options such as creams, beige and pale greys.

When it comes to planting, aim to start early in the spring to give your plants time to establish before the summer heat sets in. Remember to choose plants that are suited to your climate and soil conditions, and don’t forget to incorporate plenty of shade for your pets to escape the sun during the hottest parts of the day.

Combine Plants and Hard Landscaping

One of the keys to creating a pet-friendly garden is finding the balance between planting and hard landscaping. Incorporating features such as raised beds, retaining walls, and pathways not only adds visual interest to your outdoor space but also helps to define areas where your pets can safely explore.

Consider using permeable paving products from Brett Landscaping to create pathways and areas that allow rainwater to soak into the ground, reducing runoff and helping to prevent muddy paw prints. Additionally, incorporating raised beds can help protect your plants from curious pets while adding vertical interest to your garden design.

Aura Block Paving, Bronze Fleck

By selecting pet-safe plants, timing your planting for the summer months, and incorporating durable paving products from Brett Landscaping, you can create a beautiful outdoor space that both you and your pets can enjoy year-round. So roll up your sleeves, grab your gardening gloves, and get ready to transform your garden into a paw-fect space for you and your furry friends!

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