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Block Paving: How To Use It

Block paving is perhaps the most popular choice for the modern home in terms of landscaping materials – it’s functional, practical, and looks great when styled properly. Block paving can come in a range of different styles, with each offering something different to an outdoor space. If you’re looking for ways to bring block paving into a landscaping project, you’re in luck; check out our top uses for garden block paving below!


The most common use that you’ll most probably see for block paving is for use in driveway designs – the practical nature of these blocks make them ideal for use in these scenarios, with their designs often being entirely scalable to suit any size or shape driveway. Whether it’s a simple block pattern or something with a little more flair, there are plenty of driveway block paving solutions available to meet the needs of any project.

The tough, durable material makes it a long-lasting addition to your home’s facade, offering a fresh, updated look for instant kerb appeal before you even leave the sidewalk. Available in a huge variety of colours to tailor to any aesthetic, block paving is a tried, tested, and trusted solution for driveways.

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Gardens can also benefit massively from the use of block paving, again making use of the practicality of the blocks to create features such as pathways and patios to protect the space from the footfall that they may be exposed to over the course of their lifetime. By creating footpaths and walkways within your garden, you create a safe route across the space, meaning you minimise accidents such as slips whilst also protecting other features such as flower beds and lawns.

On the other hand, patio spaces provide the perfect setting for summer days and evenings, giving you the ideal area to set up tables and chairs for family get-togethers and those iconic BBQ moments.

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Another practical way to make use of block paving in your landscaping project is to introduce steps to your layout – whether it’s leading up to your doors or to offer extra levels to your garden, steps can be an elegant, yet practical way to bring something new to your garden. With a choice of kerb styles and block styles to help line your steps and make them as safe and visible as possible, block paving steps are a fantastic addition to your outdoor zones.

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