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We’re always looking for new ways to improve our products and services, so you’ll always get the very best. From time to time, these improvements might alter our products’ characteristics (weight, dimensions, shades, pack size etc.) and these changes may occur without notice.

For the latest product information including weights and dimensions, please get in touch to request the relevant technical data sheets or view them on our individual product pages of the website.

Although we’ve taken every care possible to make sure our colour swatches are accurate, differences may occur due to printing processes and variations between manufacturing batches. For a true representation we recommend that you request a product sample, allowing you to get hands on with your choice of paving.

For all hard landscaping activities, we recommend the production of comprehensive risk assessment and method statements to ensure safe, sustainable and legal working practices are followed at all times.

Product Applications and Suitability

All of our products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant manufacturing standards. This ensures that they can be subject to design, installation and maintenance in accordance with the relevant standard from the BS 7533 suite of standards, as appropriate. Products featured in our ‘Gardens & Drives’ brochure are intended only for use in domestic applications. Specific information relating to product applications is available from, where you can access a wealth of information including our technical data sheets (TDS), CE Marking and/or Declaration of Performance (DoP) certificate as well as NBS clauses and BIM objects. We recommend any considerations relating to planning consents and permissions are satisfied.

To help you get the most from your project, the Brett team is on hand to suggest and advise on suitable product(s) for different applications and provide guidance for a successful installation.


Selected your Brett product(s)? It’s easy to place your order, just contact your nearest Brett stockist or contact us on 0345 60 80 570 and we’ll point you in the right direction.

For the most consistent products possible, we recommend that:

• Where a stockist has provided samples, you use the same stockist for ordering the final product(s).

• All of your products are sourced from the same batch, or immediate adjacent batches.

• For larger orders a schedule will be required to successfully manage your orders.

• The total quantity required should be ordered and delivered at the same time to minimise the chance of product variation.

In general, it’s best to allow for 5% wastage. However, where a project or design requires larger amounts of cutting (for instance when creating a tight, twisting pathway rather than an open plaza area) this may increase the amount of product wastage.

When making any direct-to-site orders, please let us know of any constraints, hazards or special considerations that might need to be made prior to delivery. If you need any assistance calculating quantities, please call our Customer Services Team on 0345 60 80 570.

Delivery and installation

We take every possible care with your order, but please check that it is in a satisfactory condition on delivery. In the unlikely event you have any issues with your order, please contact your stockist immediately with the product and batch code that are printed on the packaging and explain your concerns to them.

For the best colour and jointing-line consistency, we recommend:

• Mixing from at least three different packs as work progresses.

• Taking product ‘slice-by-slice’/vertically from each pack wherever possible.

• Using string lines.

Following these guidelines will help distribute any minor variations over a larger area, giving you a visually consistent aesthetic over the entire project. However, please note that some variation can still occur between individual products – especially with multi-coloured and natural stone products. These features are to be expected and enhance the character and aesthetic of the completed installation.

If you have any concerns about the installation of our products, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 60 80 570 before work starts. Our team is here to help you get the best from your products. If you or your installer go ahead with installation despite your concern, this may be considered as acceptance of the product and unfortunately, may prejudice future responsibility for costs incurred stemming from remedial works.

Early life and maintenance

Once your paving has been installed, you may notice some changes to its appearance in the first days and weeks. These visual changes can be due to a number of issues originating from the concrete and/or the manufacturing process.

Many of these changes will simply weather away, including:

• Efflorescence: The ongoing chemical reaction within the concrete which provides its strength can produce calcium carbonate (a white powdery residue) which may appear on the surface of products. This temporarily lightens the product but will typically weather away without reoccurrence.

• Porosity: Occasionally, individual blocks may appear damp and take longer to dry than others when installed. As the hydration continues, the capillaries within the concrete will gradually close and the product will dry to the same colour as others.

• Aged and distressed products: For certain products, we distress the edges to offer an aged appearance and enhance the character of the paving. A dusty residue can be left on the blocks. This will weather away.

• Differential curing: Dark patches occasionally appear on the surface of garden products. This may be differential curing and is caused by varying moisture levels within the flag drying at different rates. Like efflorescence, given time and the natural weathering process, these patches will become less visible.

• Aggregate contaminants: Very rarely concrete may contain Iron Pyrites and/or Lignite. These are both the result of naturally occurring constituents within the product raw materials which may result in localised discolouration of the surface of an individual unit. The phenomenon will not normally affect the performance of the product.

In the unlikely event of any other concerns, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 60 80 570. All pavements should be cleaned and maintained periodically. How often this need to be carried out depends on the extent to which the product is exposed to soiling from the surrounding environment and what is deemed to be acceptable for the paving’s final application.

For more information, please see the ‘Essential Maintenance Guide’ in the Downloads area of the website.

Occasionally, sealants may be used to aid the longevity and appearance of the paving. If you are considering using a sealant, we recommend that you contact the manufacturer/supplier to fully understand their product. We suggest care is taken when choosing these products and that you consider:

• That the slip/skid characteristics of the paving are not adversely affected.

• Whether this will result in a wet, glossy or matt finish.

• The need for any future re-application/maintenance.

• Any health and safety requirements for application and ventilation.

Finally, before application, we suggest that you make sure you are satisfied with the cleanliness and aesthetics of the paving, so that unwanted dirt and detritus do not become trapped once sealed. The ability of the product to weather may be influenced by the presence of a sealer.

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