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We all love our garden spaces – we lounge around in them in the summer, use them to entertain guests, and they’re a place filled with endless amounts of memories that we cherish dearly. However, they do require a great deal of maintenance if they aren’t designed with ease of use in mind, which leaves them susceptible to becoming overgrown, unloved, and an eyesore to look at. Here are our top tips for creating a low maintenance garden space for your home; read on to find out how you can have a gorgeous garden without the maintenance stress!

Why Would You Want A Low Maintenance Garden

A low maintenance garden space helps to give you the best of both worlds – you’ll have outdoor areas that look fantastic and are a joy to utilise (weather permitting), but also don’t require too much effort to keep in tip-top condition all year round. If your garden is easy to keep on top of, you’ll be far more likely to make the effort to look after it, so having features in place that reduce the amount of maintenance needed is a win-win for you and your home.

Furthermore, you’ll also find that a low maintenance garden is also a more durable one, so you’ll have a better looking garden for longer if you opt for the easy-to-maintain route when planning and designing your garden spaces.

How Can You Create One

There are a few steps that you can take to start designing an easy-to-care-for outdoor space, the most important of which is planning out the overall layout of the area. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve got a good mix of lawned and paved spaces across your garden, giving versatility to the space for all seasons and conditions. Lawns and grass zones are great for the summer – there are few better ways to spend a sunny day than lounging around on the grass with your nearest and dearest.

On the other hand, wet grass is no fun at all, so you’ll want a paved space to prepare for the eventuality of the British weather and the rain that is bound to come our way. Brett Landscaping offers intelligent paving solutions to suit any landscaping project – whether you want a quaint seating area in the corner of your garden, a path to segregate different zones, or grand patio space for barbeques in the sun, they’ve got you covered. Choose from natural stone, porcelain, or concrete paving solutions, or go for a combination in different areas to cater to each zone’s purpose.

An additional benefit of paved areas is that they’re far easier to maintain – the durable materials will simply need a bit of a clean now and again and they’ll look as good as new! This removes the need for time-consuming tasks such as watering plants, tending to shrubs and bushes, and mowing large areas of grass, which is where most people tend to fall out of love with their gardening. If you like the idea of plants and flowers in your garden, that’s fine, but you might want to look for plants that need less tending too if you’re looking to create a garden that’s easy to maintain.

Creating your low-maintenance garden helps to alleviate the stress of tending to a space that you might not have the time to dedicate to. With the help of paved spaces and strategic planning throughout your landscaping project, you can produce a garden to be proud of, but one that also suits your needs as a household. Be sure to keep our tips for low-maintenance gardens in mind next time you’re looking to redevelop your home’s outdoor areas.

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