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Everybody loves a brand-new garden redesign. It is a space where you can relax all year round with a barbecue in the summer sun, drinks in the autumn hues, and watch the fireworks in the winter.

At Brett, we want you to have your dream garden and we want to ensure that we can support you and provide a beautiful paving solution with as little fuss as possible!

The day that your Brett Approved Installer packs up and leaves your outdoor space after finishing work on your dream garden renovation needs to be the day that you can get into and start living in the space you dreamed of.

That’s why we manage expectations, including what to expect from the Brett product range. This is especially true of our Eden Sandstone range, one of our Porcelain Paving ranges. While a Porcelain Paving range, the Eden Sandstone is designed to mimic the aesthetic of natural stone.

What to expect from Eden Sandstone Porcelain Paving

Available in Autumn Blend and Spring Blend, Eden Sandstone Porcelain is manufactured to bring the timeless aesthetics of natural sandstone to your garden space while having the hardwearing properties of porcelain, including scratch resistance, ease of cleaning, and more.

Furthermore, because Eden Sandstone is a purposeful replication of natural stone, it includes fissures, fossilisation, iron deposits, variegated patterning, tones, and hues that are more traditionally found in natural stone products. Click here for more information on the Eden Sandstone Porcelain Paving range.

Brett Colours, Explained.

As Eden Sandstone mimics the qualities of natural stone, it is more challenging to precisely define colours in these slabs. We provide images and swatches in our literature and on our website, but these best represent what is to be expected and are not guaranteed to be an exact representation; images of projects appearing, for example, on our website or across social media are often affected by light and weather conditions.

More information about colour variation in Natural Stone Paving (which is reflected in the Eden Sandstone range) can be found here.

Research. Research. Research.

It is essential to be upfront and honest about our paving ranges.

Bringing together a new garden redesign with our Porcelain Paving range continues to have several benefits over other alternatives on the market.

If your brand-new Porcelain garden space is laid by one of our certified Brett Approved Installers, you also get the benefits of a 5-year installation guarantee from your BAI and a 10-year product guarantee from Brett.

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Eden Sandstone Porcelain Paving Autumn Blend, featuring some of the aesthetic features more traditionally found in natural stone products

Research is key when thinking of a garden redesign and weighing up options regarding Porcelain Paving. We have published a Why Choose Brett Porcelain document that walks you through the Brett Porcelain range and showcases what the finish might look like in your garden, the benefits of using Brett Porcelain, and the advantages of choosing Brett Porcelain paving over others on the market.

It is also important to remember, whether a Brett Approved Installer or not, a competent installer will be able to provide you with examples of their previously installed work, alongside samples of the range, so that you can see any fossils or variation before the range is laid in your garden space.

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