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What is a wellbeing garden?

Garden spaces can offer us a much needed respite from a busy world, with their health and wellbeing benefits becoming better recognised in recent years. Wellbeing gardens channel these positive effects, helping to relieve stress and increase mindfulness. This is not limited to sprawling gardens either. Outdoor areas of every shape and size – including balconies and terraces – can be personalised for our wellbeing needs.

What makes a wellbeing garden design?

There are no rules for designing a wellbeing garden. What’s important is to create an outdoor place you can feel connected with, and take solace from. Like regular gardens, these can often end up being a reflection of our own personalities, and are unique to different people. With that being said, sometimes it helps to have a spark of inspiration. From sensory gardens to holiday-themed escapes, we’ll explore some of the best garden wellbeing ideas.

How to create a zen garden? 

An effective way of building your own private retreat is by incorporating split-levels designs. As well as adding depth and structure to your garden, they are an excellent way of creating secluded spaces for relaxation – especially when paired with tall shrubs or hedging. Porcelain paving products are an effective way of creating distinct zones for these split spaces, as well as seamlessly connecting you and your home to the outdoor world.

And for a truly meditative setting, Zen gardens are timeless additions. Zen garden designs can be achieved through the careful placement of rocks, sand, planting, and other natural elements. With a bamboo screen as a finishing touch, you can also block out noise and provide extra privacy. Try bordering your Zen garden with our Elegante Timber Porcelain Paving to complement the understated look.

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Elegante Timber Porcelain in Driftwood

Treat your senses with eco-friendly garden ideas.

Layering your outdoor space with an array of textures, colours and scents is a brilliant way of feeling more connected with nature. Whether it be aromatic herbs, vibrant flowers, or textured natural paving, sensory features can provide a meaningful stimulus for our minds.

This might include sound too. The delicate trickling of water is known for its therapeutic qualities, and certain water features can make for great focal points. And if you’d rather not have running water, ponds can provide the perfect spot for reflection. They are also an effective way of increasing the diversity of wildlife in a garden, which can anchor us to the present moment.

Working in unison with nature is not only beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing, but for the environment too. Recycled materials, sustainable planting, and wildlife homes are just some of the ways you can nurture an eco-friendly garden.

Transform your garden into a holiday setting.

Including exotic elements and unexpected features can transform your garden into a holiday setting. Doing so can provide a sense of escapism, spiriting us away from the routine of our daily lives.

By introducing themed materials, colours, and textures, you can take inspiration from exotic destinations around the world. This might take the shape of a warm Mediterranean ambiance using our Eden Limestone Porcelain Paving, or perhaps a subtle Middle Eastern aesthetic with our GeoCeramica® Mosaik. No matter your inspiration though, you’ll have a getaway retreat on your doorstep.

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GeoCeramica® Mosaik Porcelain in Grigio & Aura Block Paving in Silver Fleck

Wellbeing design ideas for small gardens.

Even if you’ve got less space to play with, you can use clever planting to capture the essence of a tranquil English garden or an exotic retreat. Hanging baskets, raised planters and creeping vines are smart ways of introducing more natural elements to smaller gardens, maximising your vertical space. And by using specific colours, you can finetune the exact mood you want, from calming blues to stimulating yellows.

We all deserve the best quality of life possible, and outdoor spaces can be an important way of promoting our health and wellbeing. By investing some time into your garden, you can unearth its potential to provide a relaxing, comforting space that will be there when you need it most.

At Brett, we offer a number of paving products that can help you frame your dream garden. For more garden ideas visit our inspirations page.

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