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Geometric Architectural Landscapes

Geometric architecture has been a popular trend with homeowners for a number of years and 2020 is predicted to see this trend expand to outdoor areas too, with landscaping projects focusing more and more on intricate lattice and basket weave designs. Textured materials are also expected to play a key part in this trend as homeowners look to integrate patterns traditionally seen in home décor into their gardens. Expect to see plenty of geometric patterns used in garden paving that have been inspired by wooden flooring, such as chevron and herringbone patterns.

Contemporary Designs with Transitional Elements

It’s not just tiling patterns that are making the move from interiors to gardens. Another rising trend is that of outdoor spaces reflecting the same style as home interiors, creating a seamless transition between the two spaces when it comes to design and personal taste. This is particularly true for sleek, modern designs that are both functional and decorative when it comes to key garden features like sculptures, outdoor dining areas, and water features.

These modern homes often have a minimalist style, which makes creating a theme that flows from indoors to outdoors as easy as possible. By simply bringing the same colour scheme and style that you’ve used for your decor to your outdoor spaces, you can create a very cohesive home aesthetic that’s a joy to spend your time in each day.

High-Tech Solutions

If you’re looking to give your garden a more high-tech edge, you can take a look at how the materials that you use in your garden can impact the space in the long run. Paving can come in a range of different forms, from low-cost concrete, durable natural stone, or elegant porcelain, so there’s plenty of options to choose from when undertaking your garden landscaping project.

Permeable paving is brilliant for creating a more intelligent system that’s weather-ready; the natural drainage system helps to reduce puddles and standing water whilst the filtration aspects enable the paving to remove pollutant and impurities from the rainwater. This helps you to maintain the quality and structural integrity of your driveway or garden paving for longer, whilst also helping to prevent flooding, with the paving absorbing the water rather than allowing puddles to sit.

Bespoke Designs

For many, it’s the aesthetic that matters most, so it’s only natural to want the best looking option for your home – luckily there are plenty of incredibly stylish and attractive solutions that combine the best looks with intelligent features that improve the natural landscape of your garden. Bespoke designs are a fantastic way to get exactly what you want from your home; these will be designed specifically with your home in mind, so you can be sure that you’re getting a landscape that you’ll love!

Whether it’s a simple block paved patio space or a more complex design built with drainage and filtration capacities, there are paving solutions for every home. Brett Landscaping offers an elegant selection of colours, shapes, and patterns when it comes to garden paving, so you can find the perfect designs for any household by getting in touch and browsing the catalogue!

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