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Your driveway is typically the first impression of your home, and it’s important that you’re able to create a welcoming pathway and entrance leading to your front door. For many properties, the driveway can become a statement at the forefront of the home, if it is designed with the right colour, texture and finish. Here we take a look at the most beneficial reasons to update your driveway paving.

Matching your driveway to your home’s aesthetics

While many homeowners focus on designing the interior of the home and the garden, the driveway should also be an important consideration in creating the perfect exterior aesthetic. Choosing a new driveway gives you the opportunity to find a style that matches your home, resulting in a seamless design.

If you have a traditional home, our Aura paving works beautifully with its cobbled-street aesthetic to provide a tumbled, riven surface, with colours including Bronze Fleck and Silver Fleck. On the other hand, for a more modern home, GeoCeramica® Bluestone has an elegant, densely speckled surface for a contemporary visual.

Aura Silver Fleck

Creating an eye-catching, textured effect

Many driveways are often a functional aspect of a property, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. Choosing the right driveway paving product can transform the space into something of a higher quality and with a charming appearance.

The most desirable choices for driveway paving include our textured aggregate block paving, which deliver high performance and timeless style. Invicta and Lugano paving offer a unique design with a varying texture, perfect for a wide range of property styles. Invicta paving is a long-lasting solution while offering a hint of sparkle, for a vibrant finish, while Lugano offers the look and feel of natural granite.

Invicta Onyx & Moonstone

Other popular choices, similar to our Aura paving, is the Regatta paving for a country home living style. Complete with a subtle texture that’s perfect for a driveway, it comes in colours such as Autumn Gold and Silver Haze for a unique twist.

If you’re hoping for a versatile paving, both Alpha and Beta are classic choices that won’t go out of style. These paving ranges offer a wide variety of colour options, such as the warmer tones of Autumn Gold or cooler shades of Charcoal. making them easily compatible with any type of property.

Beta Silver Haze

Improving the durability of your driveway

Having a driveway that will stand the test of time and withstand wear and tear is important. Concrete block paving is a functional, practical choice, without compromising on appearance, with a long-lasting design. Another choice would be porcelain paving, such as GeoCeramica Bluestone or GeoCeramica Fiordi, which offers resilience to staining and tyre marking, particularly as it is a high-traffic vehicular area

Both block paving and porcelain paving needs to be 60mm in order to be vehicular trafficked, delivering a product that is manufactured to the highest standards.

You might also wish to consider permeable paving, such as Alpha Flow, Lugano Flow and Omega Flow. These paving types need very little maintenance and can help to drain away rainwater into natural watercourses. This can reduce localised flooding or pooling across the driveway, resulting in a long-term, performance-driven driveway.

Feeling creative? Why not head over at our driveway paving page to see the full range of Brett Landscaping’s domestic driveway products so you can take inspiration and find the best materials for your home landscaping project.

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