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If you’ve decided that paving is the next step to take in your journey towards a more pleasing outdoor space around your home, we can’t blame you – it looks great, is durable, and will provide your gardens with so many more opportunities in the future! Choosing between the different landscaping options can be a tough task – there’s so much to choose from and each offers different features to the other. With this in mind, you’ll need to consider what your home needs and which paving can offer that; don’t worry, we’ve picked out some of the best options for you below!

Natural Stone

First up, we’ve got natural stone – this is a tough material, so if you’re looking for long-lasting quality and durability it’s a fantastic choice. There are lots of different colours and shapes to be used with stone too, making it one of the most versatile solutions on the market. It’s not just practical though, natural stone looks beautiful whether it’s used as a pathway, patio, or just as a basic surface for all of your outdoor spaces. Textured stone is a great way to give a more unusual look to your garden, whilst also adding a layer of slip-protection to keep you safe through the 4 seasons! You might find that landscaping projects that utilise natural stone may be a little more expensive than when using other materials, but it’s a far more reliable investment that could potentially serve your home well for a lifetime.

Natural stone is the most unique material that you can utilise – the natural formation means that no two pieces of stone will ever look the same! You can also rest easy with the knowledge that the natural stone used by Brett Landscaping is responsibly sourced and incredibly robust, meaning you’ve got garden paving that can withstand any tests thrown at it.

Porcelain Paving

A cleaner, more modern form of outdoor paving for your home is porcelain paving, which utilises the strong, durable properties of the man-made material to provide long-lasting foundations across your garden areas. Porcelain has a more refined and elegant effect that’s ideal for the modern home; you can find lots of colours and finishes to utilise across your outdoor spaces, so check out the different options to find something that really gives the aesthetic that your home is longing for.

Porcelain has fantastic properties that fight against the impact of colour fading and is also scratch-resistant, keeping the quality of your paving solutions higher for longer. This material provides you with perhaps the most low maintenance option available, requiring little effort or resources to keep in tip-top condition, saving money on the care needed and time caring for your paving.


Last, but certainly not least, is concrete, which is a man-made material that’s cheaper to utilise that the stone or porcelain, making it a suitable choice for those of you who are on a tighter budget for your landscaping projects. The lower price helps you to do more with your budget, but be wary that more maintenance and replacements may be needed over time.

The material can be found in a huge collection of colourways, so if you want something that can be tailored to suit an eclectic landscaping project, give some real thought to the possibilities of concrete! Whilst it might not be quite as durable as stone or porcelain, it is still a tough material that’s a great option given its far more affordable cost!

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