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We’ve been in touch with Gareth Wilson, who has been working in the landscaping industry since 1989, constructing high-end landscape projects, to share his personal experiences of porcelain paving. Here’s what Gareth has to say about the benefits of using porcelain paving for your garden design.

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Eden Sandstone Porcelain Spring Blend and Aura Block Paving Silver Fleck

As a landscaper, my Company, G.K Wilson Landscaping installed porcelain paving on virtually every project we did. Clients absolutely loved the product and the popularity of this paving has soared over the last 5 years.  Predictions within the industry suggest it will keep increasing from strength to strength. 

I’ve now moved away from landscaping and am now an Independent Expert Witness in hard landscaping, Head Trainer at The Landscape Academy, columnist, blogger and lecturer.  The benefits of porcelain paving are very extensive and I could happily talk on this all day and then only just touch on the subject.  But I’ll discuss below the five biggest plus points from my point of view.

1. Porcelain Paving is a low-maintenance choice.                             

Porcelain paving has very low porosity at around 0.5% and is extremely hard.  This means that the product requires very little maintenance within your garden design, so for those with busy work lives this is definitely the material for outdoor space.  Algae or black spot cannot actually key to the surface and can easily be power washed once or twice a year.  It is extremely easy to remove stains from porcelain which also make it an ideal product for patios near trees or a north facing area.  Those of you with pets will also find the product is easily and hygienically cleanable. 

2. Extensive porcelain paving colour range, the options are endless. 

Another winner with this type of paving is the ever growing portfolio of colours and patterns on offer. Brett Landscaping have got porcelain that looks just like natural stone, such as Eden Sandstone Porcelain; wood effect porcelain in the shape of planks, such as Elegante Timber Porcelain; and some really contemporary and visually stunning colour variations, view the porcelain collection. There are colours and texture to suit every aspect of a garden design and can brighten up the shadiest of areas. No other product can be as visually appealing.

3. Porcelain; from inside, to outside.

With the ever increasing popularity of outdoor living spaces, the indoor can travel outside.   Many companies are offering indoor and outdoor matching porcelain to give that seamless transition, subliminally inviting you to step outside. Brett Landscapings porcelain paving ranges are all available in a 20mm thickness, allowing for every style to be easily transitioned inside out.

4. An environmentally friendly paving choice.

Porcelain paving is made from natural products of which there is very little waste. The raw materials are often sourced close to the manufacturing plant and the products are sustainable. Porcelain is long lasting and won’t need replacing in 5 years’ time if laid correctly. Many porcelain manufacturers use recycled products. There are no harmful additives either, such as resins or waterproofing chemicals.  If you want to keep your carbon footprint down, porcelain is the ideal product for you for your garden design.

5. Bespoke porcelain artwork within your garden design.

Over the last few years some landscapers, architects and garden designers have come up with amazing porcelain combinations, whether that be a 150mm plank border around the the patio or an inlaid border 300mm-600mm from the edge. Also, wood effect porcelain is used to bisect pathways or step details. 

Some landscapers spend days constructing symbols for centre pieces of patios or something more simple like a chequer board effect. The design options using porcelain are limitless.

Elegante Quartz Greige; expert advice; garden design; low maintenance garden design; benefits of porcelain; porcelain benefits; porcelain garden design; why use porcelain, porcelain paving
Elegante Quartz Greige

With an array of porcelain options to choose from, why not take a look at our inspirations page and get inspired for your outside space. For any further queries around Brett Landscaping products please contact us.

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