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The driveway of any home is often the first thing that is noticed by passers-by and visitors. Adding to the kerb appeal of a property, a driveway should not only look great, but should also be able to withstand all weathers without compromising on quality.

When it comes to upgrading the driveway, there are a number of important factors to consider; including the weather. It’s important that your new driveway is durable and can withstand both high traffic and bad weather. At Brett Landscaping, we have a number of products that can ensure a quality, long-lasting solution.

Here we take a look at some of the most suitable driveway paving to withstand bad weather.

GeoCeramica ® Porcelain paving for driveways

Porcelain paving has become a more popular choice in creating outdoor living spaces, both in regards to patio areas and driveways. Porcelain can look elegant and contemporary without compromising on quality. What’s more, it’s easy to install too.

GeoCeramica Porcelain is an elegant porcelain flag permanently bonded to a concrete base, combining beauty with strength and stability. The density of this porcelain makes it resistant to the usual straining associated with constant vehicle use

In particular, GeoCeramica® Bluestone has been designed to add a modern look to the exterior of any home, 60mm Bluestone is perfect for driveway applications. Inspired by natural stone but with the benefits of modern paving technology, GeoCeramica Bluestone is visually similar to granite, with a specked surface.

The use of porcelain ensures driveways are protected from tyre marking and oil stains. GeoCeramica Bluestone paving is available in two colours to suit any home perfectly.

Similarly, GeoCeramica® Fiordi 60mm can offer the same benefits. Inspired by natural sandstone, it has a premium finish with low-maintenance, scratch and stain-resistant properties. This makes it a great choice for areas with higher traffic, such as a driveway.

Permeable paving for driveways

Whether your property is in an area susceptible to flooding or not, it can be beneficial to choose a driveway material that fights heavy rainfall.

Permeable paving is designed to absorb water, reducing the risk of either flooding or pooling water. The water is released into the ground in a more natural way, rather than collecting in one place and seeping through slowly, making sure your driveway isn’t overwhelmed. Since 2008, landscaping projects over 5m2 have had to incorporate permeability in order to get approved.

Our Alpha Flow paving and Omega Flow paving achieve this perfectly, allowing surface water to drain between the blocks. Whether your driveway is susceptible to flooding or not, Alpha Flow can provide a sustainable draining system.

Concrete block paving

Concrete block paving is another popular choice for driveways, with our range of block paving designed to stand the test of time. Its low maintenance and durable style can withstand wear and tear, helping you to create a functional, practical yet aesthetic outdoor area.

These features make concrete block paving a great choice for withstanding bad weather, creating a fresh and modern look for driveway approaches to any kind of home.

Additional advice for driveways in bad weather

As well as choosing the right material for your driveway, there are other helpful factors you can keep in mind.

Consider extra care if you are carrying out certain activities such as shovelling snow from your driveway. Avoid using metal blades, as they could scrape or scratch the surface.

You may also wish to make an extra effort in getting rid of moss on your driveway, as it can spread the block paving.

If there is a road drainage system outside the property, it can help to angle the driveway towards it to help with removing excess water. You may wish to create a slightly steeper driveway, to help with draining water quickly and reducing the risk of flooding that can happen with flat driveways.

Browse our range of available driveway products, or contact us to learn more about choosing the right driveway.

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