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With Brett Landscaping’s brand-new Eclipse Grande range now available, where do you start when deciding which of our new paving ranges best suits your outdoor space? Whilst the colours are designed to suit a variety of home settings, we’ve put a guide to help.

Simply, it’s best to start the process by looking at your house for inspiration. When looking at your property, is it a modern home? Perhaps it’s a period property? Maybe it’s a new build? Or maybe it’s an older house with lots of quirky features?

Whatever the case, we’ve broken down some options for you.

Georgian-style Homes

Georgian-style homes tend to be symmetrical in design. This means traditionally more balanced, symmetrical patio styles suit these homes more. In these kinds of homes, creams and greys are the most popular tones for patio designs, creating a clean, contemporary setting that still feels sympathetic to the aesthetic of the surrounding buildings.

We recommend Eclipse Grande Lastle Beige or Kandla Grey in this setting to complement a Georgian-style home.

Redbrick Victorian-style Homes

For redbrick Victorian-style homes, the entrance pathway was always used to make a striking statement and to try and re-create the beauty of the original tile path that often led up to the front door of homes in the 19th century.

This look is often recreated today to add kerb appeal that will welcome guests to the more modern home.

For the paving, grey and black tones work well, contrasting with the colours in red and brown brick homes. Consider using the lighter grey Dunstone Grey and even the striking Anthracite Black Eclipse Grande ranges to create a contrasting, classic colour combination bound to strike envy in those visiting your home!

White-rendered Homes

When it comes to White-rendered cottages, to make an impact, consider contrasting greys and black tones. Combining these with a white home creates a stunning aesthetic.

The Anthracite Black, Carrara Marble, and Dunstone Grey will create stunning modern aesthetics, enhanced further with pops of colour from plants like lavender and rosemary.

Buff Brick Homes

For homes that feature buff-style brick frontages, the earthy tones and brown hues in these properties mean that the best paving options often feature more earthy, natural tones. Complementing the colour of the home, the often rural setting these homes inhabit and remain in keeping with the neighbours these homes are in.

Consider using the the brown hues of Lastle Beige or the lighter grey of Dunstone Grey to create a complementary entranceway to your traditional home.

To conclude

The Eclipse Grande range provides several options that suit any aesthetic and housing. Explore the possibilities, embrace the trends, and let Eclipse Grande redefine your outdoor living experience. Whether using a darker shade to create an attractive “wow factor” or a paler shade to make an area feel lighter and more contemporary – the range has many options for you to explore.

To view the product in your outside space, you can visit the Brett product visualiser, PaveScape.

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