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With a new year ahead of us and spring fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to think about some of the popular landscaping trends that will likely begin to play a role in any upcoming landscaping projects.

During 2020 everyone adapted to spending more time at home, and became increasingly interested in getting the most out of their available outdoor space. As 2021 brings a continued need for social distancing and restrictions, let’s see what some of the upcoming landscaping trends include.

Take the indoors outdoors

With many households now used to spending more time at home, it’s likely that outdoor spaces will become an extension of the home. With one flowing into the other, gardens will see an influx of paving areas that can be used for outdoor seating. Complete with accessories such as pergolas, firepits and lighting, 2021 will see landscapes transform into indoors-outdoors spaces that can be used throughout the year.

With so many different garden paving styles to choose from, it will be easy to complement the rest of the home. Did you know our Porcelain range has specific products that you can use both indoors and outdoors, to create a seamless look.

Low maintenance landscapes

As people live in hope that 2021 is the year things will eventually return to normal, it’s possible that homeowners will want low maintenance landscapes as they may not have as much time on their hands. Low maintenance gardens can look fantastic, without requiring too much upkeep.

Paved areas will likely become even more popular than before, using different paving styles to create various zones for purposes throughout the year. Garden paving is usually easy to maintain, with choices including natural stone, porcelain or concrete.

Our porcelain range is extremely low maintenance, offering a stylish finishing touch for your home. It can be used both indoors and outside, and can withstand general weathering along with its scratch resistant properties.

Integration of sustainable paving

As many homes are now dependent upon solutions that make life a little easier, and the garden will quicky become subject to this too. With sustainability continuing to change people’s living habits, it’s likely that the integration of permeable paving within outdoor spaces will increase.

Products such as permeable paving can not only reduce the risk of flooding, but also encourage the collection and reusing of rainwater. Being able to release water back into the environment is a crucial element of water management and landscape planning. The use of innovative products like permeable paving can allow runoff water to soak through the surface and be released back into the ground, as part of a sustainable drainage system.

Grey is here to stay

For some time now, grey has been a popular choice for contemporary and traditional homes alike. When it comes to garden paving, grey has also become a go-to shade. Offering a versatile finish to your outdoor space, grey can look fresh and clean, and contrasts perfectly with any greenery and foliage you may have in your garden.

You will find a huge choice of grey paving designs, including patterns like our GeoCeramica® Mosaik paving.

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