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Recent floods have shown how rainwater management can make or break everyday flood defences.

Permeable paving helps to avoid these problems by releasing water back into the environment in a controlled, sustainable way.

What has happened to some areas of the UK during recent flooding has highlighted how crucial it is to make water management a key consideration of landscape planning. Poor management has flooded businesses and homes. It has also contributed to water pooling downstream and causing even more problems.

What Is Permeable Paving?

It’s any kind of paving which allows runoff stormwater to soak through the surface and be released into the ground. This helps to stop water from pooling into enormous puddles, or running off and collecting elsewhere. Both of these effects contribute to flooding.

How Does Permeable Paving Work?

Permeable paving from Brett works by leaving small gaps between the blocks that allows water to run through. This effect stops puddles from forming, which is handy day to day as well as during heavy rain.

This water is released into the ground in a more natural way rather than collecting all in one place and seeping through slowly. The end result? Your driveway or patio don’t get overwhelmed by water, putting your property at risk.

Since 2008, the government has required all landscaping projects over 5m2 to incorporate permeability to gain approval. 

Is Permeable Paving Expensive?

Obviously, every project is different. There’s a lot of factors that go into the cost of the project. In general the cost of permeable paving and standard block paving is not much different. Customers with bigger projects have to consider how it will comply with government regulations too.

Of course, for most people in vulnerable areas the ease of mind of protecting their property from floods is priceless.

Browse Brett’s permeable paving solutions including Alpha Flow and Omega Flow. Alternatively, speak to an expert by finding a Brett Approved Installer near you.

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