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New year, new garden! Redeveloping your garden for the new year can be a really exciting task – you have the opportunity to transform previously dull and drab areas into spaces that you’ll never want to leave, as well as creating a more aesthetically pleasing landscape that makes your home the envy of the neighbours. Creative paving solutions are one of the most popular ways to revamp any outdoor space; they’re tough, attractive, and require little to no maintenance, making them a great fit for your home. Find our top tips for bringing new life to a tired garden space and more by reading on below!

Readying Your Flowerbeds

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love throwing open the curtains in the morning to see blooming flowers of all colours out of the window; it’s a wonderful sight that puts you in the perfect mood to tackle whatever the day has to throw at you. But what you might not know is that growing flowers is far more than just throwing a few seeds on the ground – flower beds need lots of TLC if they’re to blossom as well as you’d like!  This means you have to pick the right flowers, adhering to the care instructions that are recommended for the plants that you’ve chosen, and put the time and effort into your gardening if you want to see the best results.

Setting The Landscape

Now let’s talk about the actual groundwork; before you start to add the finishing touches such as flowers, decorations, and seating areas, you’ll need a good base to build upon. A good mix of paved spaces, lawns, and flower beds offers a little bit of everything for everyone, but of course, it’s all down to each individual’s preferences. Whilst you might think paved spaces are a little boring at first, you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you come across the range available at Brett Landscaping. Whether you’re looking for something elegant and refined, or something with a little more WOW-factor, we’ve got solutions for everyone!

Choose from durable porcelain, cost-effective concrete, or gorgeous natural stone to complete your garden’s designs; each has its own special charm and will give your garden a truly magical look. With a selection of colours ranging from subdued grey to fiery reds and regal golds, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the garden paving collection at Brett Landscaping – you can chat to our team if you’re struggling to make a final decision.

Adding Your Personal Touches

This is all about making your garden feel like home. If you’re a family that loves to entertain, why not go for a nice seating area or maybe have a BBQ pit installed for those huge summer get-togethers with your friends, families, and neighbours! For people who like to keep themselves to themselves, benches to sit and relax add a homely feel to any garden space, whilst a hanging hammock is also a great way to unwind on a summer’s day if you have space for one!

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