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Your outdoor space is as integral a part of your home.

Gardens are an essential part of people’s daily lives, often seen as an extension of one’s home space; an area that welcomes visitors. With a desire to reconnect with the outdoors, here are our top tips to get your garden ready for entertaining.

Multi-functional areas – an extension of your home

The garden can form an extension to your home.

Choosing paving that flows both inside and outside your property is a clever way of ensuring harmony throughout your property as you entertain guests. Our Porcelain range is an easy-to-clean, resistant-to-spills option that complements every homestead – while also providing a lovely, cohesive look that works both inside and outside.

Outdoor kitchens – rustic dining

These days, incorporating a dining area into an outdoor space is a practical and stylish design choice for any home and is becoming increasingly popular with the warmer springs and summers we have been experiencing over the last few years. Practical and statement kitchen corners include rustic pizza ovens, built-in barbeques and warm-lit alfresco seating areas, with options to suit the size and style of your garden.

Secret escapes – creating garden zones to suit all the family

You should be proud of the garden you have.

Since the pandemic, many people have used their outdoor space to escape – a sanctuary from the outside world. We’ve had numerous stories of people seeking solace and time of reflection in the garden at the absolute height of lockdown – many of whom refound their love for their garden.

Creating an outside space to socialise with friends doesn’t mean that your garden needs to feel impersonal or industrial instead, cultivating a tranquil area where friends of all ages can socialise is essential. Tranquil areas can be created using light and rustic tones in your garden to create a homely feel for the space – and can be implemented across differentiating levels, effectively adding depth to your garden.

Creating phones in your garden is an opportunity to introduce different textures of paving; for example, our Aura Block Paving is perfect for creating cobbled pathways to secret retreats, while our Vintage Kerb makes rustic walls, setting boundaries to dedicated zones for adults and children to play.

Riven Sandstone Fossil Mint and Vintage Kerbs

Paving products to suit every home

No matter your home’s aesthetic – traditional or modern – Brett paving products can be chosen to create contrast or to complement. A Brett Approved Installer can help you bring your vision to life.

If you’re looking for a traditional paving product, consider natural stone which offers a traditional feel. The naturally occurring tones and patterns mean our Riven Slate is a unique addition to your home’s aesthetic.

Or, if you’re looking for something more modern, our porcelain paving range is a sleek paving option for your garden renovation and is available from 60 x 60 mm right through to sleek planks. Our Porcelain range offers a highly versatile paving solution with huge design flexibility.

Rippled Limestone Honey

Garden renovation – timeless garden trends

You must consider many points when creating an outdoor space that is ideal for entertaining, consider its purpose and what you might include amongst your outdoor furniture and the footfall.

Your garden is an investment and should be durable and long-lasting. We also know that each customer’s journey is different. Brett Landscaping aims to provide a product that can complement and work alongside your garden’s unique aesthetic.

Please get in touch with our customer service team on 0345 60 805 77 if you need further details on our paving ranges. Our product is stocked via merchants, and to find out more about Brett Approved Installers in your area.

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