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There are many reasons why you might want to boost the kerb appeal of your home. Not only can it provide a welcoming sight each time you pull on to your driveway, but it can also provide a great first impression of your property for friends, family and other visitors.

Improving the appearance of your driveway can also bring your outdoor area in line with the design of the rest of your home. Perhaps you are hoping to sell your property, and want to ensure each aspect of your home is well-maintained and cared for.

Whatever your upcoming plans are for your home, a new driveway could make a huge difference to your outdoor space. With that in mind, we offer some advice to help you boost the kerb appeal of your home, whether it’s for your own benefit or to impress the neighbours.

Choosing a new driveway

The ideal driveway completes the look of your home, as well as providing a head-wearing surface for foot-traffic and vehicles. Combining aesthetics and practicality, choosing a driveway can also introduce an appealing walkway to lead to your home’s entrance.

Your driveway of choice can set the tone of your property at first sight, no matter the type of home you live in. With Brett Landscaping, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for aesthetics.

What to look for in a driveway

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing a new driveway is the style. Choose from traditional or contemporary driveway paving, to either match or contrast with the style of your home. From traditional cobbled paving to modern blocks, we have a vast choice of driveway paving.

The Aura paving has a tumbled, riven surface to create a cobbled-street aesthetic, while the Delta range is smoother, with fewer joints for a fresh and modern look to suit any home.

You should also consider the material. Two of the most popular choices are concrete and selected porcelain, as both are durable enough for a high-traffic area such as a driveway. Our GeoCeramica® range has been designed in thicknesses to suit driveway areas, making sure they are durable enough to last.

Both GeoCeramica® Bluestone and GeoCeramica® Fiordi have been designed with a number of choices when it comes to colour. The former has been inspired by dark granite, while the later draws inspiration from natural sandstone.

You might also want to consider any additional features of your driveway to ensure proper drainage. This can be important to ensure your driveway doesn’t become flooded. Some of our paving styles have been designed to deliver a permeable solution, ensuring surface water drains off and is released back into the ground sustainably. Both Alpha Flow and Omega Flow paving can help you to achieve this. There is also now a third available range, Lugano Flow.

Driveway accessories

There are some additional features for your driveway that can further boost the kerb appeal of your home. This includes kerbs and edging, which can create the perfect border or boundary. This can be particularly useful if you have a front lawn or shrubbery, as the kerbs can result in defined areas for aesthetic look.

In some cases, kerbs can also ensure visibility to maintain safety when navigating around your driveway. Our high kerb can deliver a prominent edge that is both practical and stylish. Our Drivestyle kerb can help to bring a finishing touch for a clean and modern driveway, with a choice of an angled finish or smoothed curvature. Its low profile complements a number of our paving units perfectly. For excellent value, our Omega kerb comes in popular colours with a 200mm length, meaning fewer units are needed to create a professional installation.

If you’re hoping to recreate your driveway this year, take a look at our inspiration hub with a range of projects that have been completed by our approved installers.

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