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A strong mission for positive change through cross-functional collaboration to deliver sustainable operations, a resilient supply chain, and a commitment to drive social and environmental change.

Brett. Built on relationships.

Our Vision

For over 110 years, Brett has embraced its corporate and social responsibilities to customers, and the wider communities in which we work to enhance the built environment and the lives of the people who use it.

Brett is a business proud of its independent status, strong values, and a real, tangible passion for a sustainable future.

With that philosophy firmly in place, we continue to reduce our impact on the environment, minimising our energy usage and maximizing the recyclability of our materials, and developing product solutions and services. 

With the introduction of our sustainability initiative, we are committed to driving our sustainability strategy forwards to ensure we positively impact the world around us and the people in it. 

The  strategy consists of three core pillars: Environmental, Economic, and Social.

Brett has a long and proud history of environmental and social responsibility initiatives in the UK and our global supply chains – this is reflected in our ‘built on relationships’ strapline.

Key examples of this commitment were being one of the first in the landscaping industry to obtain independent certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Brett Landscaping also holds BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products certification to ‘Excellent’ which can further assist when designing under BREEAM. Please click on the links below to view our latest certifications:


View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Policy

View our British Precast Sustainability Charter Certificate

View our Packaging Compliance Certificate 2019

View our BES 6001 Certificate and Schedule

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2015

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2016

View our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report 2017

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2018

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2019

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2020

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2021

View our Environmental and Sustainability Report 2022


Environmental Initiatives

As a trusted and established independent paving manufacturer, we have a responsibility to ensure we minimise the impact we have on the environment, starting from how we develop and make our products through to how we package and transport them across the UK. 

We continue to work towards our core strategy of ‘Remove or Reduce’

All packaging on products manufactured by Brett contain 30% recycled content.  

We strive to eliminate plastic packaging from our products wherever possible.  However, given our Health and Safety first culture, if packaging can not be eliminated due to a compromise in pack stability, we have worked hard to reduce the non-essential plastic used and have implemented banding with 100% recycled content which is made from recycled PTFE bottles.

We all have a responsibility to reduce our carbon emissions.  At Brett, we are committed to investing in our manufacturing sites to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions.  Over the last 10 years, we have delivered a 54% reduction in carbon usage from energy and fuel. 

"Brett is continuing to build on its legacy - as custodians of land that is effectively borrowed and given back with so much added for the local community and future generations."

Bill Brett, Chairman


Our devotion and successful approach to restoring the land has not gone unrecognised, Brett was caring for the land as a way of working long before it became a business focus. As a demonstration of how seriously we take this aspect of the activity, often we will run the restoration of a site in parallel to the operation of a quarry.

Brett has won 51 awards and commendations since 1970 for the quality of its restoration and aftercare of quarries. Some of our sites now have SSSI (site of special scientific interest) status.

Click here to read more about our restored sites within the Brett Group. 

Economical Initiatives

At Brett, we are modern in our thinking.  We’re a service-led company and our core brand values are at the heart of everything we do.

Customer Care, Quality, and Integrity.

Brett Landscaping aims to do everything possible to build strong, long-lasting relationships to support a healthy and sustainable supply chain.

We believe that even the smallest of changes can have a big impact, such as the decision to reduce our printed brochures by 30% since 2020 by providing customers with an alternative online digital hub to access all our product information. 

As a trusted independent business, we understand the importance of transparency.  We strive to ensure our sustainability credentials are clear, precise, and attainable. 

As part of that commitment, all our Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are verified by a third-party source and demonstrate the environmental performance and impact our products have over their life cycle, helping our customers make informed decisions to meet their sustainability targets.

View Barrow_CBP_EPD Here

View Barrow_Paving_EPD Here

View Cliffe_CBP_EPD Here

View Pocklington_Precast_EPD Here

View Poole CBP EPD Here

View Multi_Site_EPD_Here

All our manufactured products are 100% recyclable and produced in the UK using fully sourced UK materials.  We are continually researching new methods to either reduce our waste or recycle our waste back into the manufacturing process, including the recycling of water waste and rainwater harvesting methods. 

Brett are proud to have signed the Pallet Loop Charter.  A circular economy pallet reuse scheme which enables us to transition from one-time use to multi-use pallets. 

Through innovative product development, we have been able to include 15% recycled content into our Invicta and Lugano product backing mix, providing a more sustainable product without compromising on quality, high-end performance, or aesthetics. 

We have continued to grow our Permeable Paving range, most recently with our Invicta Flow and Lugano Flow products.   Permeable Paving helps avoid flooding and excess surface water by releasing it back into the environment in a controlled, sustainable way.  Water runoff can contain many pollutants, petrol, oil, and plastics from car tyres.  Permeable paving allows these materials to be captured through the paving and sub-base, deterring them from entering the mains drainage system.

To achieve a more sustainable future, we recognise that collaboration is the key to making a real and lasting impact.  We are proud to be MPA Precast members as well as have an active role on the Interpave Marketing and Technical committees. 

By working together with industry peers, suppliers, manufacturers, and our customers we are optimistic we will meet the climate change challenge and grasp the opportunity to make a real difference.

Social Initiatives

Our people are our brand, and the Brett brand is committed to delivering a more sustainable future. 

We have implemented a group of ‘sustainability champions’ from various roles across our business who are passionate about driving sustainable change within our business.

We aim to ensure our people have the tools, coaching and training to give their best performance, that’s why  Brett employees are kept up to date regularly on sustainability improvements and achievements and feel empowered to contribute to our strategy.  


We strongly believe that a positive workplace Health and Safety culture is vital to delivering an efficient and sustainable operation.  In 2022 we are proud to have adopted and launched a series of initiatives and workshops across all our manufacturing sites to support the Vision Zero Campaign, created by the Mineral Products Association

Click here to learn more about the shared values to help change behavior. 

We are passionate about the design and creation of enjoyable and accessible environments within the local community, as well as at home. Such spaces, especially those which promote greenery, trees, and wildlife, bring people together, helping to build and protect our most valuable national resource; outside space.


Brett Landscaping helps support individuals and communities who have a desire to renovate public outdoor spaces. We’ve been involved in many admirable schemes in the past and look forward to supporting future developments, giving something back, and making a difference to the environment for future generations to enjoy.


Follow Brett Landscaping to find out more about our activities and projects, how you can get involved in projects within your area, and what you can do at home to improve your living experience. If you’re planning a project of your own, simply contact us, we have the expertise to help you achieve the very best results.


View our Charitable Donation Request Form Here

Sustainable Development Goals

Environmental Goals:

Our sustainability strategy is a strong mission for positive change through cross-functional collaboration to deliver sustainable operations, a resilient supply chain, and a commitment to drive social and environmental change.


From working towards our ‘Remove or Reduce’ plastic packaging strategy to our investments at manufacturing sites to provide sustainable and renewable energy solutions, we take responsibility to ensure we minimise the impact we have on the environment.

Economical Goals:

Through product innovation and purposeful material waste recycling we continue to ensure the products we produce contribute towards building sustainable cities and communities. As an independent business, we understand the importance of transparency. We strive to ensure our sustainability credentials are clear, precise, and attainable.

Social Goals:

We care about our people and the people around us. From supporting individuals and communities who have the desire to renovate public outdoor spaces to ensure our employee’s Health, Safety, and Mental well-being are protected by ongoing our Vision Zero campaign.

We actively support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and make an ongoing commitment to keep them at the core of our strategy, ensuring we make an impact toward building an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient future for people and the planet.

Environmental Product Declarations: EPDs

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry, and Brett Landscaping is at the forefront of this by publishing EPDs for our paving products.

The Brett Landscaping EPDs are third-party verified documents that provide transparent information on the environmental impact of a product throughout its lifecycle. They are created in accordance with ISO 14025, ISO 21930 and EN 15804+A2 standards and cover all aspects of the product's environmental impact, including raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, and end-of-life disposal.  

You can access our site-specific EPDs below.  

Barrow_CBP_EPD_190_1668785723 contains data for the following products, manufactured at the Barrow site: 

  • Delta
  • Omega 
  • Omega Flow
  • Omega Flow
  • Omega Pencil Edge

Barrow_Paving_EPD_189_1668785695 contains data for the following products, manufactured at the Barrow site: 

  • British Standard Paving
  • Broadway
  • Chaucer
  • Meltone
  • Quorndon
  • Blister Tactile Paving
  • Yorktone

Cliffe_CBP_EPD_188_1668785665 contains data for the following products, manufactured at the Cliffe site: 

  • Delta 
  • Omega Pencil Edge
  • Omega
  • Omega Flow
  • Omega Flow Machine Lay
  • Alpha 
  • Alpha Flow
  • Zeta Lock Standard
  • Invicta
  • Invicta Flow 
  • Lugano

Poole_CBP_EPD_185_1668785552 contains data for the following products, manufactured at the Poole site: 

  • Delta
  • Omega
  • Omega Flow
  • Aura 
  • Beta
  • Lugano

Pocklington_Precast_EPD_186_1668785600 contains data for the following products, manufactured at the Pocklington site: 

  • Bronte 
  • Canterbury
  • Stamford
  • Stamford Ultra
  • Rope Top Edging
  • Round Top Edging

Multi_Site_EPD_187_1668785633 contains data for the following products, manufactured at multiple sites: 

  • Trief Kerbs
  • Kassel Kerbs
  • Regatta Trio
  • Regatta Circle
  • Zeta Lock Closure Pack
  • Alpha Machine Lay
  • Alpha Trio
  • Beta Trio
  • Beta Circle
  • Invicta Trio
  • Lugano Trio
  • Bronte Circles
  • Circular Stepping Stone
  • Bronte Patio Pack
  • Canterbury Patio Pack
  • Vintage Kerb

Corporate Social Responsibility

Brett Landscaping aims to do everything possible to build strong, long-lasting relationships with local communities in the areas where we operate. And we maintain our sites to ensure people, communities and businesses are protected from any hazards or dangers.

Click here to read our Community Liaison, Consultation and Complaints Policy

Click here to view our ISO - 9001 Certificate & Schedule

Click here to view our ISO - 14001 Certificate & Schedule

Click here to view our ISO - 45001 Certificate & Schedule

We are also keen to get involved with community and employee sponsorship and charitable donations, including donating construction materials, time, and expertise. via our Community Engagement

CE Marking & Declaration of Performance

All Brett Landscaping products, along with products from across the Brett Group, have been extensively tested and proven to conform to the relevant UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) and European Standard(s). This is your assurance that they are safe to use and fit for purpose.

To obtain a copy of the CE Certificate and / or Declaration of Performance (DoP) relating to any Brett products, please click here and follow the link.

Should you have any additional questions regarding these certificates, or the technical specification for any of our products, please contact the Brett Landscaping Technical Services Department by e-mailing us on by calling 0345 60 80 579.

Please note – CE certification is not required for any materials where there is no harmonized European product standard available.

Ethical Trading

At Brett, we’re known for our high-quality products and impeccable customer service, but more importantly, we’re recognised for our credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness.

We’re committed to upholding the highest ethical standards, and as such, we actively monitor our supply chain with a view to ensuring that our suppliers are working to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the World.

Brett collaborates to help improve working conditions and best manage our environmental impacts, ensuring our sites meet the RSP Guidelines. These Guidelines require sites to ensure that:


  • Child labour is not used
  • There is no forced and bonded labour
  • Ethical recruitment practices are used
  • The health and safety of workers are protected
  • Employment contracts are provided to all workers
  • Wages meet minimum requirements or national norms as a minimum
  • Working hours meet legal requirements and are not excessive
  • The company respects diversity within its workforce
  • Harassment and abuse are not tolerated
  • There is clear and readily accessible access to remedy
  • Accommodation is safe and hygienic
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected


View the Brett Group Ethical Policy.

Visit the Brett Group Ethical Compliance area here.

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