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We’re thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our porcelain slab collection – Eclipse Grande. This exceptional range boasts five unique aesthetics, each designed to elevate your outdoor spaces. In this blog, we’ll delve into the features and benefits of Eclipse Grande with its popular 900x600x20mm size.

Porcelain Colours:

Let’s start by exploring the diverse aesthetics within the Eclipse Grande range:

  • Carrara Marble: Timeless and elegant, this white marble slab adds a touch of luxury to your outdoor living area.
  • Kandla Grey: Embrace the contemporary charm of this popular grey slab, perfect for those seeking a modern and versatile patio design.
  • Lastle Beige: Warm and inviting, Lastle Beige brings a touch of earthiness to your outdoor space, creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Dunstone Grey: A multi-tonal masterpiece, Dunstone Grey features a blend of white and light grey, adding depth and character to your patio.
  • Anthracite Black: Keep up with the latest trends by incorporating the bold and sophisticated Anthracite Black, perfect for creating a statement patio.

The 900×600 porcelain size:

Why is the 900×600 size so popular for garden patios? The answer lies in the perfect balance it strikes between form and function. Here’s why:

  • Versatility: The 900×600 size offers versatility in design, accommodating various layout patterns and arrangements to suit your aesthetic preferences.
  • Space Optimisation: It strikes a balance between being large enough to cover ground efficiently and small enough to allow for creative designs and intricate patterns.
  • Visual Impact: The elongated shape of the 900×600 slabs can visually elongate your outdoor space, creating a sense of openness and grandeur.

Long-lasting & Low-maintenance Porcelain:

Choosing Eclipse Grande porcelain slabs for your patio means investing in long-lasting beauty with minimal upkeep. Here’s why porcelain is an excellent choice:

  • Durability: Porcelain is known for its durability, resisting wear and tear even in high-traffic areas. Eclipse Grande slabs are designed to withstand the elements, ensuring they remain pristine for years to come.
  • Low Maintenance: Forget about constant sealing and upkeep. Porcelain is incredibly low-maintenance, requiring only basic cleaning to keep its beauty intact.
  • Stain Resistance: Eclipse Grande’s porcelain slabs are resistant to stains, making them an ideal choice for outdoor spaces where spills and accidents are inevitable.

With Eclipse Grande and its stunning range of aesthetics, combined with the practical advantages of 900×600 porcelain slabs, you have the perfect product to transform your garden patio into a haven of style and durability. Explore the possibilities, embrace the trends, and let Eclipse Grande redefine your outdoor living experience.

To view the product in your outside space, visit the Brett product visualiser, PaveScape.

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