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As a business, our ethos remains “built on relationships.” We understand that having a good relationship between Brett Landscaping, our stockists and merchants, our internal and external sales teams, and our Approved Installer team means that we can provide excellent paving that will, in turn, bring somebody’s garden or outdoor space to life.

We spoke with Patrick Dixon, Head of Group Marketing at Tudor Griffiths (TG) Group, one of our merchants based in Shropshire, with other branches across the Midlands and Wales, to discuss Brett and TG’s relationship and how it has allowed both businesses to provide excellent service for their customer base.


TG Group, established in 1874, is one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers of construction and building supplies, ready-mixed concrete, and waste management solutions. TG Group started working with Brett Landscaping in September 2022 and currently stocks Omega, Alpha, Broadway Economy, Stamford Riven, and Invicta Block Paving in their branches.

Through 2023/24, TG Group has seen the most success in selling the Omega Block Paving, in particular the Charcoal colour. They have also found Alpha Block Paving to be popular with their customers, particularly in Silver Haze, closely followed by the Broadway Economy in Grey.

A conversation with Patrick Dixon, Head of Group Marketing at Tudor Griffiths (TG) Group:

“Which paving range is your favourite?”

“I treat them all like my children, and I don’t have a favourite!

“If we had to pick one, it would be the Invicta Block Paving; it’s just a lot better than your average block paver.”

“Can you talk about your experience as a merchant selling Brett-branded products?”

“We get a mixture of retail and trade customers.

“Speaking to a few branches about working with Brett, the experience has always been positive. Brett products are viewed as quality and are an excellent addition to a branch’s overall offering.”

“What do you tend to find people prefer in the Brett paving range that might not be available from a competitor product?”

“The Invicta Block Paving range – that seems to be a stand-out product!”

“At Brett, we pride ourselves on being “built on relationships.” Can you describe the relationships you have with the merchant sales team?”

“The merchant sales team visit regularly and always deals with any queries we may have. Feedback is always very positive, all very good.”

“Thank you.”

Comment from Pete Richards, Area Sales Manager covering the North:

“We have been working successfully with TG Group since 2022 with all branch managers really engaged with Brett Landscaping and the benefits that we offer as a supplier. TG have a dedicated paving arm called Dream Patios, and our relationship remains strong. TG stocks almost our full range across the network, and we have been able to supply all eight branches with point-of-sale display stands and on-site Permeable training alongside our Express Training to ensure that all key staff are confident in selling our ranges.”

For more information on TG Group, visit their website here.

For more information about the Brett Paving range and to stock Brett Products, visit our contact us page.

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