Zeta Lock paving for heavy traffic applications

Project: Great Yarmouth Port
Client: Great Yarmouth Port Authority
Product: Zeta Lock
Size: 24,000m2


Zeta Lock from Brett Landscaping has recently been used to pave part of the new Outer Harbour at the Port of Great Yarmouth where 24,000m2 of paving was mechanically laid by Tolly Paving Ltd. of Colchester.

Brett Landscaping specifically designed Zeta Lock to be compatible with machine lay installation to enable large scale, complex projects to be installed quickly, accurately and with minimal disruption. This is particularly important for facilities such as ports and airports, which need to remain functional for the maximum amount of time.

Areas paved with Zeta Lock offer a more durable solution in comparison to rectangular blocks as the elastic modulus of the pavement is greater for the 16 sided interlocking block than for the equivalent rectangular units. This is due to a stronger pavement surface interlock – a key benefit in achieving long term structural integrity.

In conclusion, Zeta Lock from Brett Landscaping offers a wide range of benefits compared to traditional rectangular pavers:

  • Machine lay application gives quick, accurate installation
  • 16 sided block paving unit provides optimal interlock
  • Increased resistance to heavy vehicle loadings
  • Able to tolerate a degree of differential settlement
  • Easier to repair than concrete pavements
  • Superior performance to flexible pavements

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