The Tay Road Bridge, a vital transportation link connecting Dundee with the Fife side of the River Tay, underwent a significant refurbishment project. 

Client: WSP
Product: Trief GST2 


Opened in 1966, the bridge stands as one of the longest in Europe at 2,250 meters. The refurbishment aimed to address critical issues such as waterproofing, resurfacing, and the protection of the bridge parapet. The primary objectives of the project were to refurbish the bridge, addressing structural concerns, enhancing safety, and prolonging its lifespan.

Brett Landscaping were consulted very early in the design process due to their expertise in providing containment kerbs to bridge decks, particularly the Trief GST2 model, which had been independently impact tested and met the project’s specific requirements for the protection of the structure. Brett secured the specification through collaboration with project designers WSP, demonstrating their ability to meet the project’s performance specifications and provide tailored design solutions through their in-house bespoke cutting service.

Trief GST2

Trief GST2

“We identified Brett for their market-leading Containment Kerbs, specifically their Trief units, which are independently impact tested to BS EN 1317 parts 1&2, giving us confidence in their effectiveness. Their early involvement in the project was crucial for developing a solution that fit the restricted geometry and weight limits while providing adequate protection to the parapets and deck upstand. Regular communication with Brett’s technical and production teams ensured timely availability of the bespoke GST2 units, essential for meeting the tight construction program. This was vital as any delays would have extended the closure of lanes on the 2,250m long bridge, a critical route from Fife to Dundee causing significant disruption to the travelling public.” – Liam Flavin, Senior Engineer at WSP.



A notable technical challenge involved the installation of Trief GST2 kerbs to protect the bridge parapet without exceeding loading restrictions. The critical figure was 1.795 kN per metre of kerb therefore Brett Landscaping provided bespoke kerbs which were a maximum width of 336mm to enable the units to be below the required mass. This solution prevented the need to narrow lanes, thereby maintaining optimal traffic flow and safety on this heavily trafficked route in and out of Dundee.

Logistical considerations were crucial, with the site program requiring 400 kerbs being installed daily. These challenges required meticulous planning to ensure timely delivery and installation while maintaining the bridge’s operational functionality. By leveraging bespoke kerb designs and efficient logistical planning, Brett Landscaping contributed to the project’s success, ensuring the preservation and enhancement of this critical transportation infrastructure.

Phase 1 commenced in Spring 2023 to the North bound lanes and has been completed successfully. Phase 2, focusing on the Fife bound carriageway, is scheduled to begin in March 2024, with kerb installation slated planned for June 2024.

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