Block paving is one of the most popular choices for commercial residential developments when it comes to choosing landscaping materials. Its appearance is both practical and stylish, with a number of different designs to suit to the outdoor space available.

For your upcoming projects, block paving could prove to be an attractive and long-lasting solution to bring some style to the space, whether it’s for rooftop garden, for use as a driveway solution on a large housing development or to improve the aesthetics of a public walkway.

With that in mind, we take a look at the benefits and features of block paving and offer some guidance of how to use this versatile material in your upcoming projects.

Why choose block paving?

Block paving from Brett Landscaping is designed with a number of beneficial features to improve any outdoor space. It is a favoured choice amongst designers and contractors thanks to its easily scalable design, as many of our block paving products are available in single size or mixed size packs.

Similarly, block paving is available in varying thicknesses, making it a versatile choice for an array of applications.

For example, our 60mm concrete block paving tiles are a great choice for vehicular access on or off a driveway for a multi-unit housing development or our 80mm paving can withstand regular use of heavy goods vehicles.

Its tough, durable finish, makes it a versatile choice for an array of commercial applications and to meet all requirements of any project. There is also the chance to create an eco-friendly paving solution, in the form of permeable paving, which can be used to help reduce water pooling or localised flooding.

How to use block paving

Coming up with new and creative ways to use block paving is a welcome challenge for many designers and landscapers, and thanks to the many different styles available, the possibilities are abundant.  Such as the brand new Invicta range which consists of four complementary colours that can be used alongside each other to create a unique design.

Between you and your client, you have ample opportunity to create a unique and striking landscape design to help them get the most out of their space. Here are just some of the ways our products have used block paving previously.

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