Space for development is at a premium in urban areas, with every square metre being a valuable commodity. The solution though lies right above us. By utilising rooftops, we can create inspirational environments that are built for the future. Not only do roofscapes tap into a widely underused space, but can offer urban areas eco-friendly choices, and provide unique wellbeing benefits.

All that remains then is how to design your ideal roofscape. In this guide we’ll explore some of the exciting possibilities, and how pedestal paving systems can achieve the perfect result.

Brett Standard Fixed Plate Pedestal System | Recreational Landscape Design

The benefits of using paving pedestals on rooftops

While rooftop design might initially seem like a limiting prospect, there are myriad ways of creating a sky-high space with real value.

Verdant shrubs, vibrant flower beds and blossoming trees can be a beautiful surprise for rooftop visitors. This goes beyond decoration though; planting on rooftops can create a tranquil escape from office spaces and the bustling streets below. Whether it be residents, staff or local communities, everybody can benefit from an increased exposure to more natural elements. Moreover, roof gardens are a forward-thinking way of absorbing city heat during warmer months, while retaining it during colder periods.

And for commercial opportunities, leisure and hospitality experiences will be heightened to new levels. Eateries, bars, and shops, can all benefit from a high-end ambience, providing scenic views and outdoor privacy. This is especially true when combined with elegant furniture and porcelain paving, creating a truly modern destination. Residential and commercial buildings alike can even use rooftop spaces to introduce new recreational areas, such as tennis courts, swimming pools or other hard wearing facilities.

Thanks to the development of tile pedestal systems, it is more viable than ever to turn these concepts into reality.

What are paving pedestals?

Adjustable pedestals make it possible to achieve stunning and practical roofscapes, that are safe and secure. Paving can be laid without an adhesive, using the weight of the tiles to compress the surface in place. As well as allowing for easy installation and removal, paving on pedestals can reduce the risk of slippage.

The Brett Standard Fixed Plate Pedestal System offers a larger support area compared to other tiling pedestals in the market, increasing the load-bearing capabilities, and lessening the chance of breakage. Unique to Brett in the UK, we also offer the Fixed Head Lock Plate Pedestal System, which uses a specially designed locking mechanism to negate wind uplift.

Between them, these innovative pedestal systems are compatible with a wide selection of Brett paving products, including our elegant yet versatile porcelain and concrete ranges. With a variety of finishes and colour palettes, there’s a product for practically any rooftop design.

Additionally, we offer the robust and cost-effective Dreen® Fixed Plate Pedestal System, which has provided paved rooftop solutions across Europe for over 40 years. This has been specifically manufactured to fit Dreen® concrete slabs, available in a selection of sophisticated colours.

Dreen Marble Grey | Rooftop Pedestal Paving
Dreen Marble Grey | Rooftop Pedestal Paving

How many paving pedestals do I need?

The total number of pedestals for a project will usually depend on the dimensions of the area being paved, along with the size of the paving being installed. In terms of how many pedestals are required per paver, a single Brett pedestal system will support one corner of four slabs.

Be sure to speak with a Brett advisor to find out the exact number of tiling pedestals for your rooftop area. We can use our bespoke calculator when identifying how many pedestals are required for a project, and help you match the perfect paving products we offer.

Paving pedestals reviews

If you’re looking to explore rooftop designs, Brett pedestals and complementary paving products are the ideal solution. Don’t just take our word though; see what our customers and approved installers think.

“Working with Brett allowed us to choose a paving system that met the high aesthetic requirements of this landmark luxury development, without compromising on the structural durability, reliability and quality of the installed system.”

Ian Hainsworth, Senior Landscape Architect at HTA Design

To discover how pedestals can transform your project, view our worlds of pedestals and versatile range of compatible paving products.

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