Delivering high performance paving installations that will last the winter is a crucial part of creating spaces that offer the best for the public. With retail, leisure and office space making up most of our cities, having the right paving that combines functionality with aesthetics is the key to long-lasting commercial space that meets the demands of modern day life.

At Brett Landscaping we’re able to assist those working in the commercial sector deliver paving styles that uplift a diverse array of streetscapes and public spaces, particularly when it comes to the considerations surrounding winter weather conditions.

What to consider when designing public spaces

From colour and finish to practicalities, there are a lot of things to think about when choosing a paving product for a commercial project. Being able to provide both functionality and aesthetics can be incredibly important for a space that will be used to attract customers and footfall to a particular area.


Paving styles for public spaces must be created with longevity in mind, particularly when it comes to the winter months. With many public spaces being used frequently and by large numbers of people and vehicles, it’s important that paving options are available to deliver added durability.

Paving installations created with this in mind may benefit from a design that’s easier to maintain in the long run, which reduces disruption to the public with less need to repair and renovate.


Public spaces need to be highly accessible, simple to navigate and have a natural and seamless design in order for people to use the area with ease. Commercial spaces should be designed with safety in mind too, offering a high level of functionality even in wet and cold conditions.

Qualities like slip-resistance and frost-resistance should be carefully considered if public spaces are to be utilised to their full potential all year round.


General appearance and aesthetics are just as important as functionality when it comes to public spaces, as any space used by the local community should be presentable and tidy. This builds a good impression of the area and ensures all who use it have a positive experience.

However, the aesthetics also refers to the colour and finish of the paving. The choice of colour can have a great impact on the finished look. Considering warming and welcoming colours, such as autumnal shades of golden yellow or orange, can work all year round for a timeless design.

Achieving a paving design that is both functional and attractive

With those attributes in mind, our Invicta paving is a strong choice for commercial applications, particularly in regards to the winter weather, with good technical attributes that don’t compromise on the aesthetics. Invicta is created using an AggTech surface layer for high performance, offering a solution that is hard wearing but attractive. This is particularly important during wet weather, allowing for a paving design that can withstand the elements. Its suitability for pedestrian and commercial traffic means it can meet a diverse range of requirements, without creating safety hazards.

The subtle sparkle of Invicta paving distinguishes it from other concrete block paving products, with a higher pigment ratio. What’s more, Invicta is available in a permeable solution in order to accommodate sustainable drainage systems for an even more efficient design throughout the year.

For an alternative choice, Lugano paving can also offer the technical performance needed for urban design projects. Designed with a varying texture and the look and feel of natural granite, Lugano comes with a high level of slip resistance to ensure its suitability for commercial areas. Having paving that is slip-resistant is of paramount importance for the winter months, when paving can typically become more slippery due to wet and cold weather. In an area where there may be high foot traffic, such as commercial spaces, being able to protect pedestrians through a suitable design of paving can make a huge difference to the overall functionality and safety.

This style also comes in a permeable paving solution, with a unique nib design and traditional paving colours of both light and dark grey.

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