Porcelain paving has always been known for its impressive appearance and contemporary finish, but previously professionals in the construction and building industries have been cautious of its installation process and the costs associated with it. This no longer needs to be the case, with evolution in manufacturing technology meaning that architects and contractors can choose porcelain for their upcoming projects with confidence.

At Brett Landscaping, we have a collection of porcelain paving that is manufactured to the highest standards, bringing together style with quality. So, if you were hoping to continue specifying porcelain for an efficient and attractive solution, our range could be the answer.

Efficient installation for enhanced strength and speed

Created from a mixture of sand, clay and other minerals, porcelain paving from Brett Landscaping is precision cut after processing to ensure the finest tolerances, resulting in a natural and durable build. With enhanced tensile strength, the risk of cracking is greatly reduced.

Traditionally, porcelain paving is installed using a bound method. This involves setting the sub-base, making the bedding course, priming the slabs and then laying them. This can sometimes be a lengthy process that can cause disruption to project timelines as well as the impact the day-to-day activities of the client.

However, adhesive materials have come a long way and in some instances porcelain can be laid using an unbound method without compromising on quality aesthetics. The unbound method is achieved simply with a sand laying course and narrow sand-filled joints. This can offer speed, ease of installation and better cost benefits, which is ideal for house developers and contractors.

Flexible design for any space

Developments large or small can benefit from the aesthetics and quality of porcelain paving. Its strong, hard-wearing design makes it particularly suited to outdoor use, but it can also be used for indoor settings too. Many of our porcelain paving styles are available in 10mm and 40mm thicknesses, for indoor and outdoor applications respectively.

Porcelain paving can withstand general weathering and is incredibly low maintenance. Properties include scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and slip-resistant. In particular, porcelain paving is resistant to stains due to its lack of water absorbency, offering a low porosity for longevity.

Some of our porcelain range is even suitable for trafficking applications, with a 60mm thickness, allowing for a multi-purpose solution. Our GeoCeramica® porcelain slabs are permanently and inseparably bonded to a drainage mortar base, providing enhanced strength and stability, as well as drainage and adhesion.

Larger projects can be accommodated for more easily than before, as previously porcelain threw up some doubt when it came to its suitability for certain functions across developments. The solution is a composite design, offering a porcelain tile with a concrete backing. This design has a pre-bonded, cementitious, water-permeable drainage layer, completed with integrated nibs on all four sides.

These design features together allow for strengthened paving that can be installed quickly and with great style, making it a modern choice for contractors, architects and installers alike.

Find the right porcelain paving

At Brett Landscaping we have a diverse collection of porcelain paving that uses the aesthetic of natural materials while benefitting from modern paving manufacturing. We have an array of colours, textures and finishes to choose from to help you achieve the desired result.

For any requirements on your upcoming project please contact us on 0345 60 80 577 or visit https://www.brettlandscaping.co.uk/professional/contact-us/

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