Cities and urban spaces have been developed at pace in recent years, which has created a dilemma for architects and designers. Space is at a premium now, especially in urban areas, and architects and designers are under pressure to begin creating new spaces that can offer real value to communities.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find areas to develop construction projects such as retail or leisure facilities. There is also a demand for greener spaces that are aimed towards improving wellbeing. With that in mind, architects and designers must now adapt their skills to find ways of utilising available space for urban amenities with attractive landscaping solutions.

Open space in urban areas

With limited resources in finding open space in urban areas, the idea of building up instead of out is becoming a more appealing prospect. In particular, utilising roof space now makes more sense than before, with many roof areas being just as feasible as ground-level areas.

Roof spaces have been previously under-utilised, but they could really enhance your next commercial project. Thanks to pedestal systems and complementary paving from Brett Landscaping, you could achieve a unique and much-needed space within a built-up area.

Pedestal systems for rooftops

We have a number of rooftop pedestal systems that are specifically made to help you design the right space, whether it’s leisure and hospitality, retail or recreational. In particular, pedestal systems from Brett Landscaping are height-adjustable and allow for easy installation, enabling a larger support area compared to other available systems.

These systems can deliver outstanding design flexibility, allowing you to make better use of otherwise unused spaces. Discover a range of worlds that can unlock open spaces in urban centres.

Discover a world from above

Many applications that you may have previously created at ground level can be achieved at a height, thanks to a pedestal system. Rooftops are bathed in natural sunlight, with incredible views and an exclusive feel. We have a range of products which are unique to Brett.

Rooftop leisure and hospitality spaces can appear seemingly separated, offering exclusive views of the surrounding area. What’s more, bars, bistros and restaurants can benefit from suntraps in the summer months. Similarly, retail space would also benefit from a rooftop location, combining urban amenities with greenery to offer natural light and green spaces for a place customers will want to spend all day.

To offer more recreational spaces for communities, rooftop spaces can be utilised for parks, pitches, gardens, swimming pools and other similar activities that add value to everyday life. Taking that further, as an architect or designer you have the opportunity to use available space to create a place for people to unwind, with areas dedicated to wellbeing.

With every new retail or leisure space comes the need for service space too. Rooftop pedestal systems can enable service space which can help the building below through ventilation, solar panelling and telecoms. This can provide key functionality without impacting on usable floors below.

To find out more about how you could create a landscape to complement an urban space, take a look at our roofing products or get in touch today.

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