Developers of large commercial schemes in the UK need to adapt to the changing demands of the climate. Built up city centre plazas that do not have adequate green spaces or natural areas for water absorption will need a greater consideration of sustainable water management.

Permeable paving provides a route for the storm water to sink beneath the pavement and back into the natural ground below. This method has natural filtration benefits, removing pollutants from the water as it passes through the surface. 

Permeable paving can also help to reduce urban heat island effect caused by human activity in populous areas. 

Effective water management, a developer’s perspective

An effective water management plan is key to any commercial paving project, particularly when the site is exposed to regular wet or inclement weather conditions.   

Developers of commercial outdoor space often have to find the correct balance between aesthetics and functionality when choosing the appropriate materials, to ensure a stylish and aesthetically pleasing finish, alongside the functionality and durability required for public use.

Water poses the risk of significant damage to a property when it is managed ineffectively, even in outdoor areas. When paving is laid edge to edge leaving no room for surface water to permeate between blocks, water pooling and run off can occur. When paving remains wet, slipping is the most obvious risk factor.

Staining to the paving surface may also occur if water sits for long periods of time or is evaporated by the sun. For these reasons, developers often opt for darker colour block paving when installing systems for use over larger areas. 

Invicta Flow – The permeable solution for commercial projects

Brett’s Invicta Flow was designed with sustainability in mind. This high-performance granite block paver features a unique nib design which ensures effective water management without compromising on aesthetic. 

Invicta Flow in Onyx and Moonstone

Invicta has been specially engineered using a formulated surface layer, formed using premium granite aggregates which make it extremely durable and hardwearing, as well as weather resistant. 

This level of resilience makes Invicta the perfect solution for public space. The protective qualities mean that our four complimentary colours; Moonstone, Onyx, Pearl & Citrine, remain vivid, bright, and sparkling. Invicta also allows for some creative freedom as designers are not confined to choosing dark colours to avoid staining, marking, and colour fading. The colour range has been designed to complement one another, enabling full bespoke design possibilities. 

Invicta block paving is available in 80mm single size packs and a 60mm TRIO pack.

The 60mm TRIO pack consists of the following sizes:

  • 162 x Large Blocks (210 x 140mm)
  • 162 x Medium Blocks (140 x 140mm)
  • 108 x Small Blocks (105 x 140mm)

Our permeable Invicta Flow option is available in 80mm single size packs. 

For technical detail, download our brochure.

For further information on Invicta, or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Brett Landscaping.

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