Over the particularly bitter winter months of 2022, it was difficult to imagine that the UK experienced one of the hottest summers in decades just a matter of months earlier. 

UK weather is notoriously changeable and, at times, extreme. In some parts of the country, people may be starting to worry about the prospect of flooding in the spring time.

Surface water flooding is commonly caused by insufficient drainage systems that cannot cope with unexpected bouts of heavy rainfall. During prolonged periods of heavy rainfall, which are becoming more frequent, the rain water pools on the ground – this can very quickly become a major problem.

In extreme cases, flooding causes devastating and expensive damage to homes and businesses, and poses significant risk to public health and safety and peoples livelihoods.

In November 2022, the National Infrastructure Commission reported that around 325,000 properties in England are located in areas at the highest risk of surface water flooding. For people living in these homes, owning these businesses, this means a 60% chance of flooding within the next 30 years.

Climate change is a driving factor, however the increasing rate of urbanisation is set to put further pressure on already overloaded drainage systems, particularly in city centres.

While on an individual level, there is little that can be done to increase the capacity of drainage and sewage systems, there are methods of managing the water more efficiently.

SuDS (sustainable drainage systems) is a great example of this. SuDS covers a broad range of solutions, that often mimic the natural drainage processes seen in nature. The process usually involves capturing water, then using, storing, delaying, or absorbing it, rather than casting it out to cause further problems elsewhere on the property. 

Surprisingly, many of the properties built in areas deemed at risk, have non-permeable paving options installed by developers. This is often due to cost considerations, but could also indicate a lack of identification of high risk areas. Permeable paving is a simple, but incredibly effective SuDS solution.

Brett’s permeable paving

Brett permeable paving features a unique nib design, which allows water to soak through the surface.

Permeable paving is an eco-friendly, sustainable and durable solution for protecting your development from flooding or pooling water. The resilience of this product makes it very low maintenance and cost effective. 

Not only is this a simple and realistic solution, but you will not have to compromise on aesthetic. Brett permeable solutions are available in a variety of styles and colours.

A further benefit is the natural filtration provided by Brett materials, as the water drains, pollutants and toxins are filtered out before the water seeps into the natural ground or is released into the environment. 

Brett focuses heavily on supporting ongoing development of sustainable solutions that are beneficial for the wider environment, and for the end user. 

Find out more about Brett SuDS, effective water management and preventing flooding. To contact Brett, call us on 0345 60 80 577 or email landscapinginfo@brett.co.uk.

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