Brett’s Lugano Block Paving range is a key choice for homeowners due to its stylish aesthetic. It is a contemporary paver which replicates natural granite.

However, many may not be aware that Lugano is one of Brett’s most popular products for use on commercial projects. This is a premium block paving solution, suitable for urban and high-end public spaces, such as shopping malls, retail parks and leisure facilities.

Lugano TRIO in Graphite Grey with Misty Grey Borders

Choosing appropriate materials for use within commercial projects requires consideration of external factors, to ensure that the functionality of the product is not compromised.

Three things to consider when designing a commercial space


Commercial projects are exposed to high foot traffic activity, so they require a paving solution resilient enough to ensure that the investment was worthwhile, and will not involve frequent, costly maintenance. 

Unsuitable products can also pose safety issues for members of the public, such as cracked or uneven paving.


Businesses investing into their premises rely on attracting ‘customers’ of some form, so creating a space which is aesthetically impressive is significant for both developers and clients. 

Public Safety

A commercial project must consider and ensure public safety for all facility users. With the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, it is important that paving remains safe whether it is wet, dry, or frozen. 

Lugano – Brett’s all-round solution 

Our Lugano paving offers the technical performance that is required for paving busy urban spaces. 

The product is hardwearing and is available in an 80mm thickness. Due to the textured finish, Lugano is also slip resistant, making it the perfect choice for weather exposed areas experiencing heavy foot fall or leisure activities and sports.

From a design perspective, the colours and textures replicate the look and feel of natural granite. Lugano is available in a light ‘Misty Grey’ or a deeper ‘Graphite Grey’, allowing designers to get creative and create contrast – from alternating the colours of the main paving, to contrasting the border or kerbs. 

Reading School

Brett completed a project for Reading School, using Lugano paving. The school building itself is very modern in style, which is complimented well by the two-toned paving in both Misty Grey and Graphite Grey colours. 

Lugano TRIO in Graphite Grey and Misty Grey

Outdoor school areas tend to experience a lot of activity – driving, walking, running, waiting, sports – Lugano paving continues to be visually impressive whilst remaining entirely functional. 

The Lugano range

  • Lugano

    Lugano goes through a shot blasting process during production, revealing the colours and textures of natural granite within. Silver flecks are visible on the surface layer to further enhance the resemblance. 

    Lugano Block paving is available in single-size packs for 80mm products.

    Alternatively, we have our Lugano TRIO option, which is available in mixed-size packs for 60mm products. This helps with design flexibility and is particularly useful where a bespoke finish is required. 
  • Lugano Flow

    Lugano Flow is available in the same finishes, textures, and colours as the above options; however, it is the only completely permeable Lugano solution.

    Lugano Flow is perfect when used in areas that experience surface water, or flooding. The unique nib design allows water to drain between the blocks, later releasing it back into the environment in a controlled, sustainable way.

If sustainability is at the heart of your project, Lugano Flow is the way to go.

For further information on Lugano, or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Brett Landscaping.

Our team will be on hand to discuss your upcoming, or ongoing project and find the best solutions for you.

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