Porcelain paving has taken the UK by storm, as both contractors and homeowners demand ever higher standards when it comes to patio paving and driveways. For a customer looking for a premium quality paving product, GeoCeramica® is the ideal solution.

First launched into the UK, by Brett, in 2017, GeoCeramica® has quickly become one of Brett’s most popular paving products. It was named ‘Best External Product’ at the Housebuilder awards earlier this year and was a finalist for the ‘Product of the Year’ award 2018.

Merchants across the UK are now stocking GeoCeramica® and making use of Brett Landscaping’s dedicated display stands. One of those merchants, Milford Building Supplies, in Leeds, has welcomed the new and innovative product to its yard.

Scott Finlayson, Operations and Commercial Manager at Milford Building Supplies had this to say: “We wanted to add GeoCeramica® to our range because we have seen first-hand the huge market for porcelain at the moment. We’ve noticed that our customers are definitely looking to move away from some of the more traditional paving, opting for more modern and contemporary products instead.

“GeoCeramica® is a fantastic porcelain option which differs from standard porcelain due to its hybrid design and quick and easy installation.”

GeoCeramica® paving innovatively combines porcelain paving with a pre-bonded drainage mortar base. Traditionally, porcelain paving is installed using bound methods which can be time consuming, costly and complex.  With GeoCeramica®, the combined porcelain and mortar base allows the paving to be installed using unbound methods (i.e. sand laying course and a narrow sand filled joint).

The product is available in thicknesses of 40mm, ideal for patio paving and pathways and 60mm which is suitable for driveways.  A 10mm ‘tile-only’ option is also available for internal spaces.  This allows for designs to flow easily from inside to outside. The range was extended in 2018 to offer a total of 6 aesthetics and 14 colour options, giving customers a wide range of choice to meet their individual style and project requirements.

Scott adds: “We stock the 10mm, 40mm and 60mm options of GeoCeramica®. The 10mm thickness offers a great solution for internal projects, which can then be moved out onto the patio with the 40mm option in the same colour. Even better, the additional 60mm thickness option for driveways allows homeowners to create the same contemporary feel throughout their home and outdoor spaces.”

Its cool, crisp appearance makes it a crowd-pleaser, adding a touch of Italian sophistication to any merchant display. What’s more, GeoCeramica® is resistant to staining, moss, algae and lichen growth – making it perfect for an eye-catching display both outdoors and indoors.

Brett Landscaping can provide full promotional support including brochures, technical data and installation guides to help answer any queries from potential customers, so you can be confident in having all the information you need when recommending GeoCeramica® to your customers.

Brett Landscaping supply GeoCeramica® to a nationwide network of merchants. If you are interested in stocking this unique, innovative product, call us today on 0345 60 80 577 or email landscapinginfo@brett.co.uk

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