Inner-city and urban areas are the most desirable locations for retail, hospitality and leisure spaces, but as available space becomes increasingly sparse, architects are becoming more creative in finding ways to maximise indoor and outdoor living space. What’s more, open spaces in urban areas are also becoming more in demand as people look for areas that aim to promote their wellbeing.

Thanks to the increasing number of tall buildings that have been built across cities, there are now a large amount of under-utilised rooftops that can now be considered as a viable prospect for architects and designers. Here we take a look at making the most of rooftop spaces and how to transform them.

Why choose the rooftop?

Rooftop spaces can contribute to sustainable solutions for cities too, particularly in reducing the urban heat island effect. This effect occurs when cities replace natural land cover with pavement, buildings and other such surfaces that absorb and retain heat. Important additions can now be added to rooftops such as solar panels and roof gardens, both of which can contribute to the reduction of our carbon footprint.

World of Pedestals showing Retail Spaces

What can you achieve with a rooftop space?

Many applications that are typically created at ground level can work just as well at height. Finding new environments in which to build new facilities for the community can be challenging but not when you open up the opportunity of rooftop spaces.

Leisure and hospitality spaces can provide an elevated position for a luxury experience, from casual bars to award-winning restaurants with a view of the skyline and streets below. Similarly, retail space can benefit from an open and well-lit environment to create a positive shopping experience.

In a city where green space is sparse, you can use the rooftop to create additional areas of land and wellbeing areas for the community to relax in and enjoy. Football pitches, swimming pools and calming gardens can all be valuable additions to even the busiest of urban areas.

World of Pedestals showing Leisure and Hospitality Spaces

Bringing value to rooftops

It’s now possible to create beautiful outdoor spaces on a rooftop, thanks to specially engineered pedestal systems. Together with porcelain paving solutions, you can utilise rooftop spaces like never before.

Our standard fixed plate pedestal system features an in-built friction system and height-adjustable functionality. This allows not just for easy installation, but no risk of the paving slipping once it’s been installed. This type of pedestal can deliver a larger support area than others of its kind on the market, effectively spreading the load and reducing any risk of the paving breaking.

We also offer a fixed head lock plate, which is unique to Brett in the UK. Its locking mechanism removes the risk of wind uplift, and offers easy removal when access to the roof underneath is needed. This system in particular is helpful for projects where speed is important, with height adjustable features also included.

At Brett we can offer a number of products that are compatible with rooftop pedestals, including porcelain paving, concrete paving and more. Why not take a look here to find our brochure. We also offer the Dreen® fixed plate system, which has been used throughout Europe for more than 40 years. This is a cost-effective solution that combines low weight with a high load-bearing capacity. The system allows for the paving to be placed with interlocking corners to reduce horizonal movement and enable water drainage.

If you’re feeling inspired to do something creative for your next project, get in touch today and let us bring your ideas to life.

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