For our 110th Anniversary as an independent company, we are encouraging our employees & peers to support the local community, along with generous donations on behalf of Brett.

Here at Brett Landscaping, multiple colleagues have come together to help Rainbows Hospice for children and young people – who are an incredible charity, providing care and support to families impacted by life-limiting conditions. The charity’s ECO Garden became overgrown and prone to water gathering so our main focus was to renovate the garden by installing a wheelchair-friendly pathway and patio area featuring a range of donated paving products such as Natural stone and Concrete Block Paving.

A well as renovating the ECO Garden, we offered helping hands to organise their storeroom, by sorting clothes and labelling items to become shop ready, all of which had been generously donated by the charity’s supporters. We also rolled up our sleeves and re-decorated their volunteer porta cabin to provide a fresh look and feel.

Undertaking these tasks required a combined effort from multiple individuals and local businesses, so we would like to say a huge thank you to the following people who helped us make a difference to this deserving charity. Our Brett Approved Installer, David Greaves Landscape Design & Construction who dedicated his time and hard work into the installation of the ECO Garden; William Hercocks Ltd who donated building sand and cement; P&R Building Supplies who donated sharp sand; Wincanton plc who helped to deliver the products to site and of course our employees here at Brett, who volunteered their time and worked together to make it all happen.

We are delighted with the renovated ECO Garden and we’re grateful to have been given the opportunity to offer our services and show our gratitude to the charity, along with a donation of £3300 to Rainbows Hospice.

Brett Landscaping celebrates turning 110 years old by supporting a local charity

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