With latest figures showing that on a global scale, buildings and construction are responsible for almost 40% of all carbon emissions, and the construction sector uses 50% of all materials extracted from the earth, it has become imperative that companies work to improve the sustainability of their operations.

Here at Brett Landscaping we are committed to our mission for positive change through sustainable operations, resilient supply chains, and our commitment to driving social and environmental change.

We have introduced the Greenscape strategy to give direction to this mission. The strategy consists of core initiatives ranging from environmental to also include social and economic factors. 

Key environmental considerations for Brett

  • Plastic Packaging

    In our factories we are constantly striving towards our ‘remove or reduce’ strategy with our plastic packaging. 

    We have introduced banding with 100% recycled content, made from recycled PTFE bottles, and have seen a 20.5% reduction in our plastic packaging overall, since 2013.

  • Energy and Fuel

    Over the past decade, we have reduced our carbon usage from energy and fuel by 54%. This very significant reduction has been achieved across various changes in our operations.

    We have optimised the efficiency of our manufacturing plants, allowing us to give the same production output whilst using less energy. Going one step further in our Kent manufacturing facility where we are using 100% renewable solar energy.

    We have modified our mix designs using more carbon friendly materials, such as the introduction of 15% recycled content added to the backing mix of our platinum Invicta block paving range. 

  • Biodiversity

    Brett are not ignorant to the damage construction activity does to natural habitat. 

    For this reason, we have been running projects on restoration and aftercare of quarries since the 1970’s. We run these projects parallel to the operation of the quarry and put measures in place that ensure the site in well maintained going forwards.

    Roof decks are just another solution provided by Brett Landscaping that can offer urban areas more eco-friendly choices.

    Green roofs are increasing in popularity in city centres due to the range of benefits they can offer, such as encouraging biodiversity, natural heating/cooling of the building, sustainable water management, and positive effects on wellness of any users of the space. 

    Brett provides pedestal systems that aid the drainage and water management that is essential to any green roof project.

In addition to the above, we have increased our use of recycled concrete and water, we have 3 weirs and a silt-buster at the Cliffe site, and we have also introduced rainwater harvesting at our Poole site.

Sustainability plan for the future

Our current plans include further pollution reduction from our manufacturing and logistics operations, while continuing to monitor and reduce our use of carbon. 

Packaging is also a big focus for us, and we have committed to further reduce the amount of plastic used and review the grades of polymers over the next two years.

In 2023 we intend to expand our renewable energy projects over the other sites across the Brett Group.

We have built some strong relationships to assist us in our mission, creating sustainable partnerships with MPA Precast, Interpave, and The Pallet Loop.

Ethical trading

Brett actively monitors the supply chain to ensure that our suppliers are working to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the World.

Our projects are compliant with RSP guidelines, and we have maintained excellent status against BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction products.

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