Every year, news of flooding becomes more common. In just the first few months of 2024, flood and weather alerts have already been issued nationwide as rain and flooding swept the country. With the effects of our changing climate and increasing rainfall, areas previously unaffected by flooding now seem more susceptible to poor weather.

Drainage systems in the United Kingdom weren’t designed for the rainfall the country now experiences. It’s raining more frequently, more intensely, and for longer periods. Because our drainage systems are archaic in some instances, it’s hardly a surprise that they often overflow, causing issues for homeowners and businesses alike.

At Brett, we provide comprehensive permeable paving solutions. This article showcases our Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) and shares the different SuDS ranges available from Brett Landscaping.

What are SuDS?

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are systems and products designed to emulate natural drainage processes. The idea is to collect rainwater as close to the source as possible and allow it to soak into the ground at every opportunity.

Where this isn’t possible, a well-designed SuDS system allows water to be stored before being released at a controlled rate into a water course, avoiding the peak flow that a heavy rainfall event would typically create.

Permeable paving is a simple, effective SuDS solution.

Omega Flow Charcoal

What is Permeable Paving?

Did you know that many properties built in areas deemed at risk of flooding have no permeable paving options installed by developers? This is often due to cost considerations but also indicates a need to identify high-risk areas.

Brett offers a selection of Permeable Paving, all featuring a unique nib design that allows water to soak through the surface instead of pooling on top.

Our Permeable Paving – or “Flow” – ranges include:

Permeable paving by Brett is an eco-friendly, sustainable, and durable solution for protecting your property or development from flooding or pooling water. Its resistance makes it very low-maintenance and incredibly cost-effective.

Not only is there a simple and realistic solution, but you don’t have to compromise on beauty, either! Brett permeable paving solutions are available in various stunning colours and aesthetic styles to suit any business or home.

To summarise

Realistically, it is more likely than ever we will see increased rainfall and flooding in the UK, which will increasingly impact more businesses and residential settings.

It is time to consider our next steps in providing stylish and beautiful paving that is also sustainable and works to reduce flooding in all settings.

Brett has previously worked with businesses and installers to provide Permeable Paving options that are practical and in keeping with the aesthetic of the are:

Find out more about the Brett Permeable Paving range, effective water management, and preventing flooding. To contact Brett Landscaping, call 0345 60 80 577 or email landscapinginfo@brett.co.uk.

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