M6 Toll Booth Protection

Project: M6 Toll Plaza
Client: Midland Expressway Ltd
Product: Trief GST2A Kerbs


Trief Kerbs take the traffic toll with ease.

The M6 Toll road opened for use on the 9th December 2003 following construction by the CAMBBA consortium (Carillion, Alfred McAlpine, Balfour Beatty, AMEC). It is approximately 27 miles long and has 6 Toll Plazas, which use a total of 3,000 Trief containment kerb units for protection. With approximately 40,000 vehicles per day using the route, the need for Trief to protect these toll booths is self evident. Pre-cut Brett Trief units along with standard radials and quadrants were delivered and installed in a phased delivery programme. The Brett design service helped to ensure that the layout met the tight dimensional tolerances specified, which incorporated gaps for the optical vehicle sensors to ‘see’ through. Today, after over 13 years of service, which will have seen over one million vehicles pass through the M6 Toll Booths, there has still not been a reported incidence of a vehicle overcoming the Trief containment kerbs and striking a toll booth. This is further testament to the ongoing effectiveness of the Trief Containment Kerb system in protecting people, infrastructure and landscaping by containing vehicles within the carriageway.


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