Trief Kerbs at the Heart of BP Service Station

Project: BP Services, Harthill, Scotland
Client: GB Forecourts
Product: Trief GST2A Kerbs
Size: 815 Lin. M


BP sought maximum safety for vehicles using its Heart of Scotland Motorway Service Areas in Harthill, Scotland, especially around the petrol islands, pump areas and parking bays.

“Protection is a vital requirement in an area used by heavy goods vehicles,” said Sandy McAllister, AMCA Architecture + Design, architects for the project. “Kerbing needs to prevent the vehicles’ large tyres from causing any damage to the pump islands.”

The Brett Trief high containment kerbs met the brief as an obvious solution for the vulnerable areas of the service station. The concave recess of the Trief Kerb provides a visual caution prompting driversto steer away. If a vehicle should veer towards the kerb, the recess traps the bulge in the tyre wall and redirects the vehicle back onto forecourt in a line dictated by the kerb. In total, 891 Trief kerbs were installed on both the North and South Service Areas which aremidway between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

GB Forecourts were responsible for installing the product. Steve Jones, Company Buyer says: “I had used Brett Landscaping products before and knew that the level of service was high,” said Steve.“Brett provided detailed drawings for the job and we received a lot of support from the technical and design team through the installation process.”

The Trief GST2A kerb has been tested by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) against BS EN 1317-2 Road Restraint Systems,and proven to pass.

The Brett Trief Containment Kerb Range. 

Since 1962, the Trief Kerb system continues to set the benchmark for containment kerbs with a comprehensive range of components that are easy to install.

Trief GST2 – For use on minimal excavation projects, especially bridges.

Trief GST2A – For use on carriageways where 85 percentile speeds are below 40 mph.

Trief Cadet – For use on roads up to 30 mph i.e urban or residential areas, or smaller traffic calming schemes.

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