While certain landscaping trends may come and go, one certainty is that longevity and performance will always be valued highly within the commercial sector. Block paving products that can pair these functional attributes with a unique aesthetic are not common, yet Brett’s Invicta Block Paving Range has managed just that for a variety of commercial applications.

High Performance Functionality

As well as seeking the right aesthetic and design, specifiers require hard-wearing functionality that will be geared for the future; particularly concerning streetscapes and other urban environments. Brett’s Invicta Block Paving features a pioneering AggTech® surface layer to create a high-performance product, suitable for pedestrian and commercial traffic. Using a combination of specially sourced aggregates, the unique AggTech® surface layer is as durable as it is attractive, being perfect for various commercial applications.

Introducing AggTech, the unique premium surface layer developed by Brett Landscaping.

Versatility and Scope

Premium quality block paving that can accommodate a range of different sizes will always be highly sought after, offering increased scope for different commercial developments. Versatility is a particularly important factor when considering the design of more ambitious projects, including those in retail spaces, plazas, tech parks or other innovative commercial landscapes.

Along with asymmetrical designs becoming more prevalent in forward-thinking commercial sectors, it helps to have added flexibility with your hard materials. Invicta Block Paving products offer a range of new plan sizes, empowering architects to meet a wider scope of requirements – especially amongst diverse streetscapes.

A Unique Aesthetic

Of course, it goes without saying that specifiers want to choose paving products that not only have first-class performance but also first-class aesthetics. No matter their specific field, specifiers and architects alike want to build urban environments that will uplift people and stand the test of time, leaving a lasting legacy for their work. Although many urban designs continue to be influenced by clean, minimalistic motifs, it is still worth considering special materials that have a unique design aesthetic amongst the sea of grey.

For example, the premium aggregate composition found in Brett’s AggTech® gives paving a unique and contemporary finish, with a subtle sparkle that distinguishes it from other concrete block paving products. Complimenting this, the gentler wash process used on Invicta Block Paving exposes the aggregate in a softer way, allowing the natural materials to really shine through, while also remaining colour fastness. The colour composition of the paving itself is still bold and distinctive though, thanks to its higher pigment ratio and premium aggregates. Altogether, these qualities offer exciting opportunities to accentuate certain design features of an installation.

Invicta – Onyx


As well as the qualities mentioned above, another future consideration for block paving is the ability to accommodate sustainable drainage systems, with urban flooding still being a significant issue that demands attention. Permeable paving has increasingly been lauded as a cost-effective method of attenuating and filtering surface water and is available among various Brett paving products. The Invicta Block Paving Range also includes a permeable solution, with the Invicta Flow option; this features a unique nib design for even more efficient, sustainable drainage.

For architects and specifiers looking to create vibrant outdoor spaces that will inspire people and uplift an area’s surroundings, Brett’s Invicta Paving Range will help you achieve your design aspirations. What’s more, you can do so knowing that your product has the technology and sustainability credentials to leave a real lasting legacy.

For further information and product enquiries about the brand-new Invicta Block Paving Range, be sure to contact technical support today!

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