Concrete paving has been used for decades to build our communities and cities, shaping the world we live in. As more materials and aesthetics have become available over the last few years, concrete paving has become less favoured, but that’s about to change.

The use of concrete paving can be just as stylish and modern as other types of paving slabs, thanks to advanced technology that allows for a high-end, quality finish. At Brett Landscaping we have an extensive collection of contemporary paving to suit the application at hand, which will be sure to challenge your preconceptions of traditional concrete paving.

The use of GeoCeramica® in modernising commercial spaces

Greenford Quay is one of the UK’s largest build-to-rent schemes, with 1,965 new homes being built across seven main buildings. With an aim to create a vibrant, mixed-use neighbourhood on the waterfront in West London, it was important that every aspect of the project was created to a high specification.

The project required not only a high quality paving system for the curated gardens, courtyards and terraces, but also the right product to meet the strict specifications for tall buildings. With that in mind, our technical team recommended GeoCeramica® as the paving of choice, with the look and feel of natural stone but created with modern paving technology.

The hybrid porcelain and concrete paving flag is designed with a pre-bonded cementitious water permeable drainage layer, so the finished paving would prove durable in all weathers and conditions. GeoCeramica® Fiordi would also be able to meet the loading requirements whilst maintaining a premium finish.

More than 1400m2 of GeoCeramica® was installed, with a further 150m2 used to provide a high quality finish to the communal roof terrace.

Bringing new life to public spaces with concrete paving

Similarly, the Millennium Point building in Birmingham was in need of rejuvenation to create an improved public space, ahead of restrictions being lifted and an expected increase in footfall. The technical team from Brett recognised the need for 2 upgraded paving systems; one for the existing paving on the raised decks around the building, and an updated design for the roof terrace.

Using both Alpha Flow and Dreen® paving flags, the project would benefit from the advanced technology of concrete paving for improved access and aesthetics. Alpha Flow paving created a permeable solution, allowing surface water from rain to pass through the laying course to the drainage outlets below.

Furthermore, Dreen® paving together with the fixed plate pedestal system allowed for placement of paving flags with interlocking corners, to eliminate horizontal movement while enabling water drainage. Find out more about our pedestal systems and how they can elevate your project

Both of these concrete products provided a long-lasting, hard wearing paving solution that will competently manage surface water, upgrading the sustainable drainage capability of this Birmingham landmark.

Dreen paving in Marble Grey

Concrete paving no longer conjures up images of drab building projects, thanks to advancements in manufacturing and materials. Now, you can combine the benefits of high quality paving with the beautiful aesthetics, including a variety of colours and finishes that are perfect for the job at hand.

If you’re hoping to utilise high quality paving in your next project, don’t hesitate to take a look at our previous projects or get in touch to find out more.

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