Community Wellbeing Spaces

Community Wellbeing Spaces

A world for peace and tranquillity

With space at a premium, particularly in urban areas, it can be difficult to find a place where you can relax, unwind and be with your own thoughts. With Brett Pedestals, you can create spaces which promote and encourage wellbeing, whether for a building’s residents, its staff, or the community as a whole, with flowing paths and large patio areas which lend themselves to calming walks and group activities.


A range of Brett pedestal systems are available for this type of application, subject to desired paving choice. Speak to our specialist Pedestals team at to discuss your requirements.

Standard Fixed Plate Pedestal System

Standard Fixed Plate Pedestal System

Featuring an in-built friction system and the same height-adjustable functionality as our other pedestals, the Brett Standard Fixed Plate Pedestal System allows fast, easy installation, with no risk of the paving slipping once it is in place. It also offers a larger support area compared to other systems on the market, helping to effectively spread the load of the paving and reduce the chance of breakage.

For further information on Fire Class Ratings and Wind Uplift details, please contact us at


Yorktone, Meltone, GeoCeramica® and British Standard Paving

Yorktone, Meltone, GeoCeramica® and British Standard Paving

Lightly textured and slip-resistant, our range of concrete paving slabs as well as our hybrid GeoCeramica® porcelain paving feature straight edges, making them the ideal choice for designers looking to create a contemporary aesthetic. Available in a range of finishes, there is a product for almost any rooftop design, making the possibilities as limitless as your imagination.

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Technical information

Looking for some more details? You’ll find all of the technical downloads relating to this world below, and if you need any further support with your project, feel free to get in touch with our team.

Brett Pedestals Technical Brochure Download

Brett Pedestals Technical Brochure


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To ensure a seamless quality service, we only trust our products to be supplied through a national network of Builders' Merchants and retailers. They’ll have access to the full portfolio of our products and can help you to make an informed product selection.

Design assistance

We have developed a comprehensive selection of free-to-use BIM objects to help you design and plan your projects whilst getting the best out of our products. Available in industry-neutral IFC format and formats compatible with Autodesk…

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