Detailed and in-depth planning is key when working on public realm projects which must accommodate a variety of end-users – public safety is the highest priority. 

Many road users probably don’t consider the role that kerbs play in maintaining road safety for cars, bikes and pedestrians and also public transport access. 

Brett Landscaping has been working for many years to ensure that the optimal kerb solution for Britain’s highways is always available.

Brett offers two complete ranges of kerb solutions, Trief and Kassel.

Trief Containment Kerbs

Our Trief solutions are designed to deliver a safety system to direct vehicles back onto carriageways, this is vital as it serves to enhance vehicle and pedestrian protection. 

The Trief kerb works by trapping the tyre profile of impacting vehicles and ensuring that it is contained and redirected back onto the carriageway.

This solution is also highly effective in protecting structures, usually providing protection to bridges, and the bridge approach. They do this by offering protection from vehicle impact and accidental loading, with shallow profiles available for limited depth applications.

As we are trusting our solutions to limit risk to the public, we have made sure to put our Trief products through rigorous testing. Trief has been protecting UK infrastructure for more than 50 years and is the only UK containment kerbs to be tested successfully by the Transport Research Laboratory.

The test consists of a 1500kg passenger vehicle hitting the kerb at a speed of 50 mph and at an angle of 20°. To pass the test, the vehicle must be safely redirected to protect pedestrians and other road users.

The TRL Report concluded that the Trief kerb fully complied with the acceptance criteria. At 50mph, the test vehicle is contained and redirected within 0.25 seconds of impact with the Trief kerb. 

Similarly, when it comes to protecting pedestrians and structures, the test report found that, during the entire test sequence, none of the wheels of the vehicle passed over or under the safety barrier. 

This level of testing is unique to Brett Landscaping, while manufacturers have a responsibility to provide the safest products – they also have an important role to play in keeping teams safe on the highway.

Kassel Kerbs

Kassel kerbs are designed to ensure safe bus docking. A reduced gap between the pavement and the bus platform creates safer and easier access to public transport. Additionally, Kassel kerbs can provide wheelchair and pushchair access, and are British standard compliant.

The unique profile of the Brett Kassel Kerb, with its 75° face and bottom end radius, has been designed to minimise tyre wear when buses are docking, thereby reducing tyre replacement costs for bus operating companies. 

There is also a slimline version which provides a retrofit application for integrating the product into existing kerb configurations, which is one method of minimising both time on installation and cost of materials used. 

Our Kassel Diamond paving provides an additional option for LED ground lighting to be installed for enhanced bus stop safety for the end user. 

The Kassel range has been manufactured and tested in a wet cast process. Throughout this process, strength, slip and skid resistance, and abrasion resistance have been tested and approved by British Standard. 

For more information on our kerb solutions, contact us today.

Brett Landscaping is committed to providing urban solutions that ensure safety and ease of use in the public domain. Our products are high quality, resilient, weather resistant, and perfect for heavy usage.

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