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Porcelain paving has taken the UK by storm as homeowners demand ever higher standards when it comes to patio paving and driveways. More and more contractors are discovering that our award-winning GeoCeramica® is the answer when faced with the challenge of turning a customer’s paving dreams into reality.

First launched into the UK by Brett in 2017, GeoCeramica® quickly became one of Brett’s most popular paving products. Its popularity has not gone unnoticed, either – earlier this year, GeoCeramica® was named ‘Best External Product’ at the Housebuilder awards where members of the judging panel included representatives from major housebuilders and the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

GeoCeramica® paving innovatively combines porcelain paving with a pre-bonded drainage mortar base. Traditionally, porcelain paving is installed using bound methods which can be time consuming, costly and complex.  With GeoCeramica®, the combined porcelain and drainage mortar allows the paving to be installed using unbound methods (i.e. sand laying course and a narrow sand filled joint).

This allows all the benefits of porcelain paving to be realised whilst also offering the speed, ease and cost benefits from unbound installation methods.  It’s a really simple way of adding value and long-term benefit to someone’s home.

The product is available in thicknesses of 40mm for patio paving and pathways and 60mm for driveways.  A 10mm ‘tile-only’ option is also available for internal spaces.  These options allow a design to flow easily from inside to outside. Now with 6 stunning aesthetics and 14 colour options, the range allows maximum design flexibility to meet every taste and project requirement.

Dan Salt, Owner of M&S Paving said: “The GeoCeramica® range sold exclusively by Brett Landscaping in the UK is fantastic. The product is never going to fade or lose its stunning texture – it’s a great material.

“It’s really easy to install too – you can just screed the sharp sand out as you would a block paved driveway. With the vacuum lifter we use for laying slabs, there’s no bending over, it’s a nice, easy thing to do. It’s so much quicker to install when laying on a sand bed although it can also be used on a traditional mortar bed if that’s what the client would prefer.”

Brett Landscaping can supply full technical data and installation guides for the GeoCeramica® range, which can be ordered through their nationwide network of merchants.  Product samples can also be ordered through your local Brett merchant. To see the full range of products and example installations please click here .

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