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Garden Landscaping Trends Ready for The Lockdown Lift

With spring already upon us, and summer steadily approaching, now is the perfect time to consider some of the most interesting landscaping trends for 2021. Following the need to spend more time at home, there has been a revived appreciation for outdoors spaces, along with their different designs and utilities. From innovative porcelain paving, to multi-functioning outdoor spaces, we’ll take you for a tour around some of the year’s most exciting landscaping ideas; certain to uplift your garden for this summer.

Elevate your space

Most urban gardens naturally have variances in level, meaning that opting for split-levelled space is often an efficient way to maximise your garden’s potential. It’s also a theme that’s going to remain as fashionable as ever this summer, no matter your garden’s shape or size.

Incorporating different levels into your garden will undoubtedly add more nuance and depth to your outdoor space. As well as being a practical way to separate prized plants and organising outdoor furniture, it can also create intriguing lines of vison, adding never seen before dimensions to your garden. With many of us spending so much time in our gardens, we believe it’s worth having an outdoor space that will contently intrigue and surprise you.

Splitting levels is also a great opportunity for you to be creative with different materials, highlighting your outdoor space’s best, and most interesting aspects. What’s more, it’s an efficient and eye-catching way to zone your outdoor eating and socialising spots, creating secluded seating areas, or sheltered cooking stations.


As many homes become increasingly suited to a wider variety of purposes, gardens are set to serve many different functions themselves this summer.

Particularly in the warmer summer months, it will be a wonderful time to enjoy your garden to its fullest, and perhaps even to entertain an outdoor soirée. With space often being at a premium indoors, why not use your garden to combine home functions? As well as introducing some choice garden furniture, other exciting features could include a sunken fire pit, or even a pizza oven. To help frame your outdoor space, our Porcelain range is versatile enough to blend seamlessly with your indoor décor, with there being a tasteful variety of colours and finishes available.

As well as creating a contemporary aesthetic for both your garden and home, our quality porcelain paving is also highly practical; being resistant to the elements, and even designed to prevent slipping. Perfect for entertaining your guests.

Keeping it Neutral

The outdoor palette for paving this year is all about canvasing your garden’s existing colours, enhancing the natural aspects of your outdoor area. In particular, greys and creams can effectively contrast with your flowers and foliage, allowing you to embrace the bold, vibrant colours of summer.

And, with the abovementioned trend of making outdoors space an extension of the indoors, having paving with more neutral tones can help you accentuate your outdoor furniture. Brightly coloured accessories – like vibrant cushions – can pair brilliantly with more neutral tones, such as our Eden Porcelain Paving collection.

Whatever your garden ambitions are this summer, we’re certain that we can help you realise your outdoor aspirations. No matter what the current trends are, outdoor space has always been an important area for your wellbeing; at Brett we’d love to help you transform your garden into a place you’ll want to share.

Discover our garden aspirations to help you create your ideal sanctuary.

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