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Localised flooding can often occur due to pooling water and the flow of surface water, and causes a different type of problem as opposed to natural disasters or burst riverbanks. In the event of a torrential downpour, driveways and drainage systems can’t always cope with the amount of water, which could lead to localised flooding. There are ways to try to reduce the occurrence of localised flooding by creating a more sustainable drainage solution.

How to reduce pooling water around your home

Urban flooding management is crucial in trying to lessen the demand on surface water drains. To address many of the issues surrounding flooding in the UK, the government passed an act in 2010 to replace existing drainage systems with a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS).

Water captured and managed off paved areas can’t be directed on to a highway or drained into an existing drainage network, without planning permission. So, finding the right solution can be helpful to ensure rainfall is captured at source, and offers a way to attenuate and filter surface water to satisfy the philosophy of the SuDS regime.

Choose the right paving

One of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of pooling water is to upgrade your paving to permeable paving.

Permeable paving can help to avoid everyday flooding and excess surface water thanks to its unique design. Created with a special nib, permeable paving allows surface water to drain between the blocks. The paving helps the water pass quickly into the jointing aggregate and sub-base below, resulting in a Sustainable Drainage System.

Our range of permeable paving

At Brett Landscaping we have a collection of 4 types of permeable paving, with colour options to suit every home. Available in different appearances and colours, there’s no need to compromise on style or quality when it comes to practical paving for your home.

One of our newest and most innovative products, Invicta, is also now available in a permeable design. Invicta benefits from a unique combination of natural aggregates to create a hard-wearing, long-lasting paving solution. Combined with the unique nib design, Invicta Flow is suitable for use on driveways and paving. This paving style is available in premium colours including citrine, moonstone, onyx and pearl.

Invicta Flow Citrine

Alpha Flow has a distressed, aged look that is in keeping with many of today’s surroundings, creating a unique, rugged appearance. It is perfectly designed for use on driveways, with colours including charcoal, brindle and autumn gold that are warm, earthy and give an image of classic driveway design.

Alpha Flow Charcoal

Lugano Flow is designed with distinctive tones and a varying texture, bringing together contemporary aesthetics with functionality for the perfect permeable solution. This product comes in two shades, including graphite grey and misty grey, to suit any property effortlessly.

Lugano Flow Graphite Grey

For a traditional and timeless paving style, Omega Flow is one of the most popular choices in our range for driveways. Combined with our original Omega paving, which is suitable for both driveways and garden paving, you have the chance to create a seamless flow throughout your outdoor space. Omega Flow is available in beautiful colours ranging from charcoal, burnt oak, autumn gold and brindle.

Omega Flow Burnt Oak and Autumn Gold

Discover more inspiration for a sustainable and permeable driveway today by taking a look at our inspiration pages, or contact us for more information on design, product selection or help finding a local approved installer

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