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There’s something for every garden landscaping project with our stunning range of porcelain paving. No matter the type of outdoor space you’re hoping to create, porcelain paving is as elegant as it is durable, offering the perfect solution to turn your dreams into a reality.

Your garden is important, whether you use it for relaxation, entertaining or somewhere for the children to play. Whatever your taste, landscaping your garden with porcelain paving can transform a huge variety of outdoor spaces, big and small. At Brett Landscaping we have four porcelain ranges to help you achieve your dream garden.

Why choose porcelain paving?

Each product range is precision cut, with porcelain being naturally stronger than ceramic with incredible stain, scratch, water and frost resistance. Porcelain is renowned for being low maintenance, so you can enjoy a beautiful garden space with paving that withstands the weather.

Our porcelain paving is created to ensure the finest tolerances, with a proven low potential for slip that exceeds UK standards. Together with effortlessly stylish designs, porcelain paving from Brett Landscaping can result in a stunning outdoor space all year round.

If you’re hoping to create a new garden space in the near future, let us inspire you with our high quality range of porcelain paving, including GeoCeramica®, Eden, Elegante and Eclipse.

Unique GeoCeramica® paving

The GeoCeramica® porcelain paving range is sold exclusively by Brett Landscaping, made from a hybrid design with a unique pre-bonded cementitious base. GeoCeramica® products combine the looks and durability of porcelain paving, with the installation flexibility of concrete.

The GeoCeramica® product range is available in 5 different designs and 11 colours, with something to suit every style of outdoor space. It combines all the technical and aesthetic benefits of modern porcelain paving, with the ability to suit any paving application. Choose from styles known as Bluestone, Fiordi, Mosaik, Marmostone and Impasto, each with their own unique features and benefits to create the outdoor space you’ve always wanted.

Incorporate the latest garden trends

The GeoCeramica® range can enable you to incorporate one of the most popular trends in recent years. A seamless flow from inside to outdoors can be effortlessly achieved as the full range of paving is available in 10mm, which is perfect for use indoors.

GeoCeramica® Mosaik, Marmostone and Impasto paving are stunning choices for creating a unique space that flows from your garden to the interior of your home. GeoCeramica® Mosaik incorporates character and a romantic ambience into your design with creative patterns, while GeoCeramica® Marmostone draws inspiration from natural marble, resulting in timeless and elegant appearances that work inside and out. GeoCeramica® Impasto is designed to emulate Belgian blue limestone, with natural veins and patterns for a luxurious yet traditional appearance.

GeoCeramica® Mosaik in Grigio

Upgrade your driveway

Your outdoor space is about more than just your garden; it can include your driveway too. Don’t forget about the overall impact of a beautifully finished driveway and the difference it can make to your home’s entrance.

GeoCeramica® Bluestone and GeoCeramica® Fiordi are both suitable for driveway application, with a unique 60mm size and resistance to tyre markings and oil stains. Bluestone has been designed visually similar to granite, with a speckled surface to create a subtle but beautiful aesthetic. Fiordi is inspired by sandstone, with a variegated surface that creates a premium, durable finish. Both are contemporary choices, bringing a long-lasting solution to your outdoor space.

Create natural outdoor spaces with Eden porcelain

The Eden porcelain paving range replicates the organic hues and variations of limestone, natural stone and slate, enabling you to complement a natural outdoor space. A low maintenance solution for your garden, the Eden range can enhance your home beautifully. There are also unique pack sizes, with mixed sizes available to replicate natural stone, as well as linear packs and a larger 80x80mm plan size.

The subtlety of all the Eden porcelain styles makes them a beautiful choice for your outdoor space, with its natural stone feel and resistance to stains, scratches ad colour fading.

Warm, natural paving

Depending on the outdoor space you’re hoping to create, the Eden porcelain range can offer timeless aesthetics that draw inspiration from natural materials, without compromising on durability or stain-resistance. Eden Sandstone porcelain is available in warm Spring and Autumn colour blends, with hues of brown and beige that can be easily integrated into your home’s existing style.

Eden Sandstone in Spring Blend

Eden Slate porcelain can offer a a clean and distinguished style available in shades of grey. This can result in a natural but eye-catching paving style that suits a variety of homes, from countryside cottages to modern townhouses. You could even use the colours together to create a striking design.

Eden Slate in Midnight Shadow & Clouded Sky

The final style in this range, Eden Limestone, demonstrates a contemporary but elegant design. It has a natural patterning with a complementary colour palette of neutral colours such as fawn and mink. Eden Limestone is available in a new 800x800mm plan size, in addition to the 1200x600mm linear size.

Premium quality Italian porcelain

For modern homes and gardens that are just missing that finishing touch, our Elegante porcelain range is sleek and sophisticated. Inspired by natural materials such as stone and timber, but with a contemporary design, this premium Italian porcelain paving range has 5 different styles to choose from.

Bring together natural effects with modern style

Designing your outdoor space can come with so many decisions to make, from style and colour to durability and longevity. The Elegante porcelain range can make it a little easier, with contemporary style that maintains a natural look for a seamless outdoor area.

With paving that emulates the stunning styles of natural materials, the Elegante range includes Granite, Quartz, Stone and Timber. Each style is an ideal accompaniment to any contemporary home, from Elegante Quartz with its distinct, fine-veined texture to Elegante Timber with its wooden-effect aesthetic.

Elegante Timber in Driftwood

Achieve a modern but natural look with all the benefits of porcelain, with slip resistance and an easy to clean surface. The Elegante range is perfect for homeowners looking for a low maintenance and visually stunning paved area.

With each item made to order, the Elegante range comes with a full suite of accessories to complete your outdoor space in style.

A refined and affordable paving solution

If you’re hoping to create an outdoor space on a smaller budget, you don’t need to miss out on quality porcelain paving. Eclipse porcelain is clean, refined and high quality, whilst remaining great value. Create the garden of your dreams with durable, attractive and contemporary designs, with 5 colour options to suit every outdoor space.

Our Eclipse range does not compromise on resistance to stains, scratches, colour fade and frost, so you can experience stylish and durable paving all year round. Choose from neutral shades, varying shades of grey and even an Azure blue to create a stunning garden space in the style you’ve always dreamed of.

Eclipse Lunar

Looking for even more inspiration for your outdoor space? Check out our Inspiration page and discover how our paving products could transform your garden, driveway and more.

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